What has Hajj taught us about life?

What has Hajj taught us about life?

Life is a journey. You can only enjoy this if you are more focused on the journey than the destination. Life can also be compared with a game that has no quit or pause button. However, merciful Allah has sent Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him (PBUH) with the manual of the game of life. Allah appoints him to share His view regarding life with His beloved creation. Allah gives us Hajj that teaches so many things to make the journey of life worthy. We need it for both materials as well as spiritual purpose. In the following portion, different teaching on both is given below.

Teachings for the Material world:

Though Allah said that the time on this earth is just a trial, the actual life we all get at hereafter, still this life is a real one. This life is our only chance to prove our virtue that we are worthy to claim the heaven. In accordance with its meaning ‘intend to journey’; Hajj teaches human to set out of their comfort zone and embrace the unknown world. After successfully accomplishing Hajj, one has increased endurance. They know the value of things that they would take for granted otherwise. Things that are ‘halal’ at other times are ‘haram’ during Hajj (Nikah, shaving head, sexual act, cutting nails, covering heads etc). This fact makes humankind watch their movement and help them to be conscious of every action.

Teachings for the Spiritual world:

Hajj is a remembrance that allows humankind to stay in the path commanded by Allah. It also acts as a shield that protects the person, who performs it with all due respect, from hellfire. While performing Hajj, a pilgrim must put on irham. The irham makes them remember the Kafan. Death is the ultimate destiny of present life. It comes in a coextending distance from the time of birth. We all have limited time on this earth. Within this time, we need to secure our place in the hereafter by doing more good deeds. This constant remembrance of death helps a person to watch their action while giving up disobedience and sin.

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