Eager for Devil stoning with our Hajj package 2024 from Kolkata?

April 22, 2024

Are you prepared to answer the divine invitation? Eager to go for Hajj and complete the life-long obligations? Then our Hajj package 2024 from Kolkata can be the best option for your spiritual journey! As we know Devil Stoning is a significant ritual in this sacred pilgrimage in Islam.

In this blog, we will discuss the significance of the ritual of Devil Stoning in Hajj and reveal the details of the best Hajj package from Kolkata in 2024. 

What is Devil Stoning? 

Devil Stoning also known as “Rami al-Jamarat” is a symbolic ritual of stoning the devil during Hajj. Through this ritual, Muslims all around the world memorize the act of throwing stones by the Prophet Ibrahim (AS) to the Devil, to reject his temptations. The pilgrims perform this ritual by throwing pebbles at three pillars in Mina located near Makkah. 

Significance of Devil Stoning: Facts to check out is here 

Devil Stoning possesses deep Ruhani meaning, which symbolizes the rejection of the Devil’s temptation and acceptance of the obedience of Allah (SWT). This ritual empowers Muslims worldwide to strictly follow the commands of Allah (SWT) all over the world. Let’s discuss the significance of the ritual in detail. 

  • Purifying Ruh: It is believed in Islam that is Devil's stoning purifies the Ruh by cleaning Gunah (sins) and Kasafat (impurities). This ritual signifies the act of Astaghfar from Allah (SWT) for all Gunah committed, to purifying the heart.
  • Promoting Harmony: Devil Stoning is always performed alongside millions of pilgrims at the same time from around the world. This act promotes unity, as all Muslims seek maafi from Allah (SWT) at the same time, this act strengthens the connection with the Almighty and creates a sacred bond between each other. 
  • Following the Sunnah: Devil Stoning is the act of Prophet Ibrahim (AS) followed in Islam by all Muslims, making it a tradition for the followers. Following this tradition deepens the connection with the Sunnah (following of the Prophet). According to Islam following Sunnah leads you closer to your Deen.
  • Test of Iman: Devil Stoning is the test of your Iman (faith) and Zahid (devotion), as all the pilgrims perform this ritual with Ikhlass (sincerity) and Ajzi (humility). That is why This tradition is the test of your Iman towards Allah (SWT). 
  • Remembering the Sacrifice: This ritual is performed in memory of Prophet Ibrahim (AS) who had sacrificed his son Ismail to obey the command of Allah (SWT). This tradition promotes the importance of loyalty and sacrifice towards Allah (SWT), which will provide the Ilahi Barkat (Divine blessings). 
  • Ruhani Safar: All the rituals of Hajj along with Devil Stoning form a Ruhani Safar (spiritual journey). This journey deepens your connection with Allah (SWT) and brings you closer to your Deen. This journey promotes the victory of good against evil.

So, book the best hajj package 2024 today and prepare yourself for the pilgrimage that will bless you with life-long rewards. Also, wash away all your past sins that you might have done without any intention. 

Planning for Hajj? Get the best Hajj packages for 2024

We understand that the Hajj is a life-changing pilgrimage to the House of Allah (SWT). We put a lot of effort into making your travel smoother and easier so you can focus on your pilgrimage. Let's discuss the reasons behind selecting one of our Hajj packages:

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As one of the top tour operators for Hajj in Kolkata, the Hajj package from Adeeba Tour and Travels is flexible and suitable for you. Let’s check the core specialties of this package: 

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  • Documents and Pricing: To conduct the pilgrimage you need to provide a valid Passport, your latest photos, Aadhar card, blood group, mobile number, etc. The complete cost is Rs. 8,83,000/- only for double sharing (T & C applied). Our cheap Hajj or Umrah package price is always based on your preferences, from suitable to affordable we can provide all.  

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In conclusion, the rituals of Hajj including Devil Stoning have a lifetime impact on the hearts of the followers. So, do not miss the opportunity to take part in the holiest pilgrimage in Islam. Prepare yourself for an unforgettable journey, and may Allah (SWT) accept your Iman and grant you Barkat in this holy pilgrimage of your life.

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