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Term and Condition for Umrah

Documents Required:-

  • Pilgrim Original Passport (With at least six months validity from your planned date of return to India)
  • 1st & 2nd Dose Vaccine Certificate
  • Pan Card
  • Photo (4 Pcs)
  • Blood Group
  • Aadhar Card
  • Nominee’s Aadhar Card and Mobile Number

Terms & Conditions

  • Age limit should be above 18 years old.
  • All of your Umrah expenses are 100% non-refundable, if tested Covid positive or any reason or any disease during departure.
  • It is mandate to sponsor self-quarantine or any other issue during the trip.
  • No cash payment will be accepted (All payment should be made through online transfer favouring “Adeeba Tour and Travels Pvt. Ltd.” only)
  • Any new rules implemented from Saudi Arab during trip will be accepted by the customer.
  • 100% advance payment.
  • 100% Non refundable

Conditions applied for Booking:

Adeeba Tour and travel are a sole tour operator organisation which has no control over airline, coach, hotel, transport or any other services (referred as third party services) that are mentioned in the website. All the organisation does, is to manage different services and present an inclusive tour. The company keeps a kin eye on the comfort and benefits of their clients. However, as the organisation serve the role of a coordinator in selecting and inspecting service, they are not at all responsible for any kinds of delay or reprehensible services. Furthermore, death, damage or loss caused by the action of the management or employees of any of the mentioned services such as Airlines, Hotel, transport or coach operator which are independent organisation lies outside Adeeba tour and travel’s inspection, as well as the selection process, is not company’s liability. It is also important to be mentioned here that we are not responsible for any delay or deficient services promised by a third-party organisation such as Airline, hotel, coach and Transport Company as well as any action of co-traveller that may result in unfortunate events.


Each and every tour participant is provided with a Tour Brochure, Pamphlet or Tour Arrangement for the respective year. It is the responsibility of the corresponding tour participant to read the service related document carefully before signing and filling the registration form. They are also requested to go through the entire document before making any payment that is done towards part consideration of the journey. The pilgrims must sign the registration for continuing the arrangement. By signing the registration form, they comply with the terms and condition contained herein.


In the following portion, the company denotes “Adeeba tour and travels”. Tour participant or TP denotes a person or a group of people who are intended to enrol their name with the company. Their name is registered with the company in the registration form. Independent Contractor denotes the owner of the airline, owner of the Hotel, owner of the transportation company, owner of the coach or any other person who is entitled to render the services to the tour participants. Furthermore, PTT signifies Provisional as well as Confirmed Passenger Tour Ticket. It is also important to be mentioned here that there will be no viable contract happen between the company as well as the Tour participant until or unless the former has received an apposite non-refundable deposit from the later. It is also requested to tour participant to pay all the dues and make full payment in the declared time frame in the brochure or pamphlet as mentioned by Adeeba Tour and Travels. The Company also reserve the right to cancel all the booking with subsequent loss of deposit as well as incur a cancellation fee as stated in the brochure if the entire amount is not paid within the stated time frame.

The Company is entitled to the following rights at any point in time under any circumstances and reason:

  1. The company can terminate any contract after the acceptance of the mandatory deposit but before commencing the tour without stating any reason whatsoever. In the case where the company terminates the contract, they might refund the entire deposit amount to the tour participant. However, no interest is given on the refunded amount.
  2. The company also has the right to alter, amend, or withdraw any excursion, tour or facility, which has been published or advertised. Furthermore, the company also holds power to replace an independent contractor if it is believed necessary or advisable. In either of the cases, the company is not liable for any sorts of sub-sequential loss, additional expense or damage faced by tour participant or for any claim of reimbursement.
  3. The tour participant is solely responsible for furnishing valid transfer document for example passport and visa and also to present the same to the company for the same purpose. In the case where application made by the TP or by the company on behalf of TP, the company is not liable for any rejection of the Transfer document by the concerned Authorities or Embassy as a result of presenting inadequate document incurred by the TP or any other causes whatsoever. All charges and expenses in the name of the concerned applicant must be accepted by the respective TP.
  4. It is also advisable to the TP to inform the company regarding any health-related issue or medical condition that may hinder his/her ability to pursue as well as enjoy the entire tour. The company may ask the TP to furnish medical certificate furnishing Fitness report before departure. It is also advisable that TP must arrange adequate insurance to secure his/her health, life as well as property before departure. However, the insurance premium should be the sole responsibility of the TP; the company does not hold any liability to bear the insurance cost.
  5. It is to declare that no one other than the company, in written holds the authority to alter, waive or add any representation, stipulation, condition or term in the pamphlet or brochure.
  6. In order to continue with the altered and amended tour following clauses is needed to be considered.
  7. The company is in no way responsible for any sorts of additional, expenses, consequential loss, damage suffered by the TP. Hence, the TP is not entitled to any kinds of refund.
  8. If under any unfortunate circumstances the company is not able to conduct a specific tour, the company on its own discretion reimbursed the entire amount without bearing any interest to the TP.
  9. The company is not liable to personal injury, death, accident, sickness, delay, loss, increased expenses, discomfort, theft or damage faced by TP.
  10. Any temporary or permanent loss of baggage or any damaged caused to the same is also not the company’s responsibility. This clause also includes any willful negligence on the part of any particular person.
  11. In case TP booked the flight in any particular airline, it is not Company’s responsibility in any delay or cancellation of the booking due to overbooking.
  12. The Company will not be accountable and/or legally responsible for any loss or damage faced by the TP due to causes beyond of the Company’s control.
  13. If any particular TP has a complaint against any of the Independent Contractor regarding their service, he should notify the Independent Contractor in writing and submit one copy of the complaint to the Tour Manager of the company, so that the company is able to take action against that particular independent Contractor.
  14. TP should make sure to carry the baggage as prescribed by the Airline Authority that is not exceeding 20 Kg for Economy class per capita. All baggage is the sole responsibility of the TP.
  15. The company holds the sole right to determine the amount of payable refund in cash for both the amendment and the cancellation of a tour. The company has considered a number factor such as the number of Tour participant, the cancellation guidelines of Independent contractor (for example coach operators, hoteliers and etcetera) while processing the claimed refund. However, in such cases, the company’s decision on the quantum of the refund will be final. These refunds amount will be compensated directly to TP within 45 working days.
  16. Even if the initial payment is made by foreign currency, the payable refund is done by Indian Currency at the current rate on the date of return of the refund amount. However, there will be no refund, if the TP does not succeed to join the journey or leaves the Tour earlier than the scheduled timetable prescribed in the pamphlet or brochure. Furthermore, if TP is not able to use the service provided by the company due to any personal issues such as excursions, rooms, meals and etcetera, the person will not be entitled to any refund.

Conditions of Travel

The TP have to strictly adhere with the Tour itinerary and come back to India according to the validity of Visa. All Tours are subjected to Rules and Laws of RBI GOI. The charge cited in the brochure has been planned at the current rate during the time of publishing of the pamphlet or brochure. The Company holds the right to alter the charge published in it in accordance with currency fluctuations, alteration in Airfare changes noticed prior to the date of departure and to surcharge accordingly. The entire rise in price must be compensated in full amount before departure by the TP.

Additional Terms and Condition

  1. All charges shown on Website are in Indian currency on per capita basis.
  2. The processing time for Umrah visa is 10 to 15 working days.
  3. Adeeba Tour and Travel will not be accountable for any delay or denial of Umrah visa.
  4. If an additional bed is demanded on behalf of a child, it will be charged as an Adult. Tour participant needs not to pay an accommodation charge for an infant below two years. However, TP has to pay for visa and tickets.
  5. Child below ten years are allowed to share a room with their parents but children above ten years are treated as adults and charged fully.
  6. Hotel charges are subjected to accessibility if the desired hotel is not available TP has to opt for the superior category of accommodation and liable to pay the difference.
  7. 100% Cancellation charges will be given only for visa, transportation and Hotel accommodation. Conversely, it will follow the cancellation policy of the corresponding services.
  8. If TP takes a trip without informing the company, Adeeba Tour and Travel will not be responsible for any infringement of local laws throughout stay in Saudi Arabia.
  9. Package prices, availability of hotels, rates of airfare, terms & conditions are subjected to alteration without any prior notice.
  10. If the minimum number per group cannot be fulfilled; then groups can be merged.
  11. Each family is provided with One Saudi SIM which they have to give back on their return to the representative of Adeeba Tour and travels.
  12. TP is free to access outside food at his expense if he doesn’t like the food provided by the company.
  13. Laundry service is only provided to the groups with at least 24 members. However, the company is not responsible for any delay, loss, stains, colour fading and shrinkage of clothes done by Laundry service provider.
  14. No TP is allowed to give up their companionship with the group; they are bound to travel with the group.
  15. The Courts in Kolkata alone has jurisdiction for all disputes and claims of whatever nature it may be linked with the tours coordinated or marketed by Adeeba Tour and travels.



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