Top Umrah package from Kolkata 2024: Finding Zeheni Sukoon!

April 17, 2024

Kolkata- The city of joy where rich history meets vibrant culture. For many in Kolkata, there is a deeper longing and spiritual calling to the holy sites of Mecca and Medina. If you are one of the Ruh seeking “Zeheni Sukoon”(Inner Peace) through Umrah in 2024, this blog is your one-stop guide to briefly explain why performing Umrah provides Zeheni Sukoon and how to find the top Umrah package from Kolkata 2024

What is Umrah? Facts to know before being closer to Allah 

Umrah is one of the most sacred divine journeys in Islam and can be performed at any time of the year, unlike Hajj. Umrah is the journey to Makkah in the house of Allah (SWT), away from the regular stressful life. That’s why performing Umrah purifies your Iman and brings you closer to Allah (SWT). 

How Umrah Brings Zeheni Sukoon? 

Although, Umrah is the lesser pilgrimage in Islam, still performing Umrah is important. Whether Umrah from Darrang or Kolkata it is very significant.  Let’s discuss how performing Umrah leads to Zeheni Sukoon. 

  • Duty Towards Deen: As per Islam, performing Umrah is making Ibadat to Allah (SWT) by performing necessary duties. Performing those duties in this divine journey brings Sukoon and Barkat, as you get the chance to seek mercy from the Lord for all the sins that you might have done without intention.
  • Stronger Your Ibadat: There are a few necessary rituals that must be performed with Iman to conduct Umrah properly. Focusing on these rituals makes you forget the unnecessary material concerns and daily stress. Focusing on performing Duas, circling the Holy Kaaba provides Sukoon in your mind. 
  • Purifying Your Iman: As Makkah and Madina are the holiest cities in Islam, these cities are always surrounded by pilgrims and worshipers. Staying in the middle of this divinity automatically increases your Iman, and purified Iman always spreads positivity in your mind, which is the reason for peace of mind. 
  • Chance of Re-commitment: Do you feel guilty, and feel like your heart has filled with Gunah? Performing Umrah provides a chance to make re-commitment and purify your Ruh. As stated in Islam Allah (SWT) forgives you if you just follow the rituals of Umrah with righteous Iman. Forgiven Ruh cleanse all your stress and anxieties.  All you need to do is to possess the Niyah to have all your sins forgiven by the Almighty Allah (SWT). At the same time, it is also true that it is the call of Allah (SWT) that brings you closer to the Holy Kaaba. 
  • Strengthening Unity: Umrah is performed by Muslims from all over the world and it is performed with friends and family, as a large group. Performing a pilgrimage in these large groups strengthens your connection with other Muslims. That increased unity and bonding provides Sukoon and comfort.

Why Choose Umrah Packages from Kolkata?

If you reside in Kolkata, then choosing the top tour packages for Umrah in Kolkata can be much more beneficial. The reasons are as follows: 

  • Comfort and Understanding: It is obvious that local pilgrimage booking agencies always understand the needs of the local pilgrims. The agencies can communicate in local languages which will be more familiar to you. They can guide your comfortable language and as they already know the local cuisines, they can easily offer your liked delights. 
  • Traveling in Groups: Hajj and Umrah booking agencies provide pilgrimages in groups, and traveling in local groups is always helpful abroad. A journey in the local groups means easier communication, more safety, and better guidance for first-time Umrah pilgrims.
  • Better Negotiation: Local agencies provide the price according to the local deals and packages, and if you are local then you will have a better understanding of the prices and customized amenities. So, it will be easier for you to properly negotiate and suit your package according to your budget. 

So, whether you are booking Umrah from Cachar or Kolkata if you are booking from the best Umrah travel agency in Kolkata named Adeeba Tour and Travels, you can be sure to make your sacred journey memorable. It's time to strengthen your Iman and make the sacred journey of your life to be closer to Allah (SWT). 

How to choose your suitable Umrah Package? 

Choosing local agencies is better, although booking from the ideal agency is important to get the most suitable package. Let’s discuss the factors you might consider while booking your Umrah tour: 

  • Check the Package Duration: Normally performing Umrah does not take that much time, although more days can be added if the package includes Ziyarat or other inclusions, which can take a longer time than only Umrah packages. Usually, a proper Umrah package does not exceed 15 days.
  • Check for Staying: Choosing the hotels to stay in is important as well. However, choosing the proper hotel depends on your preferences. If you prefer Umrah packages at the best price in Kolkata, then you must choose a hotel that is a little far from Masjid-al-Haram. On the other hand, if you prefer to stay close to Allah (SWT) then choosing a hotel near Haram can be your best option. 
  • Aligned Date: New Umrah packages are frequently added now and then, as Umrah can be performed at any time of the Year. Choose your package according to the flexible dates that align with your schedule. Always, keep that in mind performing Umrah during Ramadan and the Hajj periods can be expensive. At the same time, it is to be remembered that when you intend to perform the Umrah journey during the sacred month of Ramadan, you can gain double rewards and wash off all your past sins.

Adeeba Tour and Travels: Your Best Umrah Guide is here 

Choosing the best Umrah package in 2024 is now at your fingertips, as Adeeba Tour and Travels bring the best Umrah package for you this year. Our specially crafted Umrah and Hajj package is designed according to your needs, whether you prefer affordable or luxury pilgrimage, our package covers all. Adeeba brings the cheapest Umrah package from Kolkata 2024 at just Rs. 1,10,000/- only (T & C applied). Contact us to book your package today. 


Following these tips can easily grant you the best Umrah tour which can lead you to your Zeheni Sukoon. Escaping the regular busy life is important sometimes, as this distracts you from focusing on the path of Allah (SWT). To find Sukoon it is important to make a sincere Dua and performing Umrah is one of the best ways to develop a connection with the Almighty Allah (SWT).

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