Umrah Packages 2024 Kolkata: What Made Pilgrimage Easier?

February 20, 2024

Going on the pilgrimage of Umrah is a very auspicious occasion for millions of Muslims across the globe. Over time, there has been a notable shift in the pilgrimage experience for pilgrims who come to the holy cities of Islam from other countries specifically from India. We'll look at how the Umrah packages have changed over time and examine the elements of Umrah Packages 2024 Kolkata is contributing to the convenience and accessibility of this spiritual journey in this blog.

The Past Days of Performing Umrah from India: 

In the passing days, performing Umrah from India used to be quite tough. The pilgrims had to do a lot of paperwork and wait for so long to get the chance to perform Umrah. During that time, pilgrims faced major problems like:

  1. Visa Hassles: Getting a Visa was like climbing a mountain. There was a ton of paperwork, and it took forever. Pilgrims got stuck in bureaucratic problems, which delayed their plans.
  2. Travel Headaches: Planning the Umrah itself was a big headache for the pilgrims. Figuring out flights, places to stay, and how to get around was a puzzle. Plus, there weren't many services made for Umrah pilgrims from India, but today’s Umrah tour operators have made the journey easier with their packages.
  3. Language Trouble: Imagine being in a place where you couldn't understand a word! That's how it felt for Indian pilgrims most of the time in Arabic-speaking countries. They struggled with everything from asking for directions to following local customs.
  4. Expensive Trips: Money definitely matters, and when Umrah trips were planned from India in the past days it demanded a huge amount. The packages were often so expensive that many people couldn't afford to go. Fulfilling their religious duty seemed like a dream far beyond reach.

But now, with cheaper Umrah packages, all these problems have vanished. Imagine a Visa process as smooth as butter, travel arrangements made with a snap of your fingers, language barriers breaking down only by an Umrah package booking, and also with these affordable packages, costs are becoming manageable like never before.

How Performing Umrah from India Became Easier

Performing Umrah from India has become much easier in recent years, thanks to several improvements and initiatives. The tour operators have also made the road smoother to the House of Allah (SWT).

  • Getting a Visa is Easy: Now obtaining a Visa has become simpler with the introduction of online application systems by the Saudi government. This means less waiting time and less paperwork for pilgrims.
  • Making It Compact: Travel agencies like Adeeba Tour and Travels now offer all-inclusive Umrah packages designed specifically for Indian pilgrims. These packages cover everything from visa assistance to flights, accommodations close to the holy sites, transportation, and a tour guide too. This makes the whole process much smoother and stress-free for pilgrims.
  • Breaking Language barriers: Language barriers are also being addressed, with many Hajj Umrah Travels sending an Umrah guide with the pilgrims who helps them in their journey and also in performing the rituals easily. Whether it's Arabic or English, pilgrims can get the help they need at every step of their journey, with the guide.
  • Saving the Pockets: One of the most significant improvements is the affordability of Umrah packages. Competition among travel agencies has led to competitive pricing, flexible payment options, and budget-friendly packages. This ensures that Umrah is financially accessible to a wider range of pilgrims.

Adeeba Tour and Travels being a trusted Tour Operator from Kolkata, goes the extra mile to enhance the overall experience of the pilgrims. The company offers services like group discounts, round-the-clock customer support, medical assistance, and religious guidance from knowledgeable scholars. These best Umrah deals not only make the journey more comfortable but also contribute to a more meaningful pilgrimage experience.

Overall, these advancements have made performing Umrah from India a much more accessible and hassle-free journey, allowing more pilgrims to fulfill their religious duties easily and with peace of mind.

The Significance is Still the Same

Though there has been a change in process and bookings, the core of the lesser pilgrimage of Islam has been the same. Pilgrims of the time go for the pilgrimage to seek Allah (SWT)’s blessing and seek mercy for their past Gunah. The significance of an Umrah Tour is still the same just like the significance of a Hajj tour that has remained unchanged for Muslims all over the world.

Adeeba Tour and Travels - Making Pilgrimage Accessible 

There are numerous tour operators who offer Umrah Packages. Many types of packages are available in the market like - budget-friendly, Exclusive, Deluxe, and other types of Umrah packages. Some operators show that they provide the most affordable packages adding some hidden charges.

Whereas Adeeba Tour and Travels never play with the trust of Allah (SWT)’s guests. We believe in transparency and when we serve the pilgrims our first priorities are them. So, we keep every type of Umrah package so pilgrims from all walks of life can access our packages. So, if you are going to perform Umrah from Howrah or any other place in West Bengal, do not hesitate to call us at our helpline number or visit our site to book the package that suits best your budget.


The transformation of Umrah over time signifies a positive shift towards making the pilgrimage journey more accessible, convenient, and fulfilling for the pilgrims. With affordable options and enhanced services, performing Umrah from India has never been easier. As pilgrims now going on this sacred journey, they can focus their energies on Ibadat and self-reflection, knowing that someone is there to help from the back.

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