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Book Ramadan Umrah Packages 2024 Today

“If you really love Allah, then follow me, and Allah shall love you and forgive your sins. Allah is Most-forgiving, Very-Merciful” [Verse 31, Surah Al-e-Imran]

Do you wish to gain the blessings of Allah (SWT) this year? Conduct Umrah during Ramadan, as it has always been considered the sacred pilgrimage and also the dream of millions of pilgrims across the globe. If you are looking for the best opportunity to refresh your faith in Islam and also if you do wish to strengthen your connection with the gracious Allah(SWT) then Ramadan Umrah Tour 2024 is the best thing that you can do now.

With the possession of full Ramadan Umrah packages 2024 you can now pay a visit to the Holy Kaaba and also seek repentance for all your past sins, as it has said by the famous Prophet Muhammad, “When the month of Ramadan starts, the gates of Jannat are opened, and the gates of hell are closed and the devils are chained”. [SAHIH BUKHARI 1899, Book 30, Hadith No-9]

TOUR SCHEDULE: Last 20 days of Ramadan

Tentative Cost

₹ 90,000/-

  • Hotel: Kiswa Towers Or Similar (5 star Hotel) Free Shuttle Service (Upto 1000 meters)
  • Hotel: Mona Salam Or Similar (Standard Hotel) Upto 500 Meters (Approx)
  • Flight (With Return)
  • Visa
  • Insurance
  • Hotel
  • Tour Guide
  • Unlimited Indian Buffet Food
  • Unlimited Laundry
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Round Trip Transport (In Luxury Buses)
  • Ziyarat / Sightseeing (1 day in Makkah & 1 day in Madina)
  • Local Assistance
  • Ulema For Umrah & RIAZ-UL-JANNAH Appointment
  • Travel Kit
  • Zam Zam


  • Payment is non-refundable
  • We are NOT responsible for changes in the Saudi Arabia/Indian Govt. policy
  • We are NOT responsible if there is any alterations in your flight schedules
  • Pilgrims having any suspected symptoms before departure needs to have self quarantine facilities. We are NOT responsible for any liabilities.

Assalamo Alaikum ,
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