You are never alone, as Allah (SWT) and his blessings seems to guide you always

Your sacred journey for Allah (SWT) can begin today!

It has been our pride and our legacy of helping Muslims in performing their obligatory religious duties of Hajj and non-obligatory religious duties like Umrah, since the time of inception of the best Umrah/Hajj Tour operator in Kolkata, Adeeba Tour and Travels. It has been since then, that we have enabled thousands of pilgrims to successfully fulfil their promise of being able to purify themselves only for the gracious Allah (SWT).

Our expert team of experienced professionals in Kolkata, India and Saudi Arabia are committed towards ensuring that every aspect of this holy pilgrimage is executed flawlessly and each of the pilgrims does get the chance to attain his dream of fulfilling the Islamic rights only for the merciful Allah (SWT).

It has been our pride and also our privilege in providing excellent service and focusing only on one goal: the complete comfort of the pilgrim. We are recognized by the Government of India and Saudi Arabia respectively for our commitment of delivering an exceptional experience for pilgrims who perform Hajj as well as Umrah with us, along with the accreditation of the IATA Hajj/Umrah travel agency.

It is only for you that we have the cheapest Umrah/Hajj packages from Kolkata, with luxurious accommodation services, to make your stay in the Holy land more pleasing, especially in Mecca Medina and Arafat. You do not need to be worried of the budget, as the affordable and the low price Umrah/Hajj package price are being rendered by us, with the complete assistance of us from the time you initiate the journey to the Holy Land till the time to arrive back to your hometown.

For everyone who intends to perform the Islamic duties namely Hajj, Umrah with full comfort and within the affordable budget, Adeeba Tour and Travels is the ultimate choice to allow you to seek mercy and blessings from the merciful Allah (SWT) without any hassle.


Muhammad Sheriff , Kolkata

“As-Salaam Walaikum, I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to the best Umrah trip that I had in my life with my family, in the last month. It was indeed a great and also a wonderful experience that we had. The hotel accommodation was too good and within soo cheap budget..I have been lucky enough to have spent during Ramadan.. It was like a dream come true.. Fantastic!!”


Faiyaz Ahmed, Kolkata

“Alhamdulillah, my recent Umrah tour has been extremely pleasant.. I booked through Adeeba Tour and Travels and have received the deluxe packages that made my stay in Mecca more satisfying.. They gave me complete support.. I also loved the welcome kit that was given to us.. They are the best!! I feel lucky to have associated with them..Awesome experience!!”

Requirement Sheet for every Pilgrim

Adeeba Passport Card International Passport valid for at least 6 months from the date of travel.

adeebatourandtravels 8 photographs taken against a plain and white background under following sizes:
(4 photos: 4.5 cm x 3.5 cm)
(4 photos: 4.5 cm x 6 cm)
Authentic certificate of Covishield vaccine prior to 48 hours of departure

For queries, please do contact us

We are a professionally IATA certified travel agency that is committed to serving our valued clients at every step of their journey. Since the time of the inception, we have been catering to each of the pilgrims with utmost dedication and sincerity. Also, we have been successfully been able to have the functionality of our services in the following branches, namely

  • West Bengal
  • Bihar
  • Jharkhand
  • Odisha
  • Chattisgarh
  • Mumbai

Here are some of the vital facts that you do need to know in being able to choose the right tour operator now:

What are the ways to choose the right tour operator?

For anyone who does intend to perform Hajj/Umrah, you have arrived to the right platform. Also, you need to be sure of the fact that Adeeba Tour and Travels has attained the following certifications, in being the best Umrah/Hajj operator-

  • a. IATA(International Air Transport Association) certified travel agency
  • b. Authorized by the Ministry of Hajj
  • c. Approved by the Regulatory Body

What kind of accommodation should I look out for?

While being able to conduct the sacred pilgrimage of our life, it has been the need of the hour to choose the best accommodation that can prove to be convenient for us.

Adeeba Tour and Travels stands out to be the best in abiding by these following points, which are as follows:

  • a. The type of lodging that will be provided in Mecca, Medina and Arafat.
  • b. Accommodations are near to the Great Mosque.
  • c. We provide choices for pilgrims to stay in 4-star & 5 star hotels.
  • d. We also provide free laundry services for each of the pilgrims.

What are the laundry services being provided?

It is mandatory in Islam to keep your clothes pure and clean and also be able to maintain the health and hygiene check during the time of Umrah and Hajj. Adeeba Tour and Travels provides free laundry services during the stay for every pilgrim.

During the actual 5 days of Hajj, what is being offered?

Hajj, being one of the mandate and obligatory pillar of Islam is a vital pilgrimage for Muslims across the globe, during those five days at Mina, Arafat and Muzdalifah. Adeeba Tour and Travels provides the following services during Hajj, which are

  • a. Plain tents situated near to Jamarat.
  • b. Complete assistance during the time of Hajj journey
  • c. Transportation services for Ziyarat
  • d. Complete Hajj/Umrah package with flights
  • e. Provision of medical facilities in case of emergency

Assalamo Alaikum ,
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