Can Ramadan Umrah Packages Take You to the Riaz Ul Jannah?

February 28, 2024

If you are a believer of Allah (SWT), you must have dreamt of making Dua inside the Riaz Ul Jannah at least once in your life. Inside the sacred Al Masjid and Nawabi, this place has a separate spiritual essence that attracts pilgrims. If you are going on Umrah with Ramadan Umrah Packages, it can be your chance to make Dua inside the Garden of Paradise.

Prophet’s Mosque & Riaz Ul Jannah:

At the center of the City Medina, there’s the sacred Mosque Al Masjid and Nawabi. The Mosque which is also known as the ‘Prophet’s Mosque’ is super important in Islam. It was constructed by Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) himself. It is like a symbol of peace and calmness.

Inside this big mosque, there’s a piece of Jannat commonly called Riaz Ul Jannah. It is believed as one of the most significant parts of the Mosque making Dua inside which helps a pilgrim earn immense Barakah. Many believers think it's a part of Jannat right here on the Duniya! They say that if you make Dua inside Riaz Ul Jannah, then for sure, Allah (SWT) will listen to your wishes and accept them. Also, you can rest assured that all your past sins shall be forgiven by the Supreme Creator of all.

So, it's like a super blessed spot where believers feel close to the Almighty Allah (SWT). When you’re on your Umrah tour 2024 do not forget to connect with Allah (SWT) from the place where you can connect a direct line with the Creator, where your prayers will feel a special power. Pilgrims from all over the world visit the Prophet's Mosque mainly during Ramadan and in the month of Hajj just to pray in Riaz Ul Jannah and feel that special connection with Allah (SWT). It's a place filled with hope and Iman that your Dua will be answered.

Things You Need to Know About Riaz Ul Jannah

As you are planning to visit the place, you must know these facts about Riaz Ul Jannah before starting your journey with the best Umrah package from India:

· This place can be found between the Minbar and the Grave of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), and it is considered as one of the special parts of the Mosque.

· The place is not too big compared to the size of the Mosque; it can accommodate nearly hundreds of believers inside it.

· The place is also called Rawdah. It is said that making Dua inside the place will lead you to the Jannat.

· Six out of the Eight important pillars of the holy Mosque are located inside this place. It is believed that these pillars mark the exact positions where, to support the mosque's first roof, the original palm tree trunks were placed. The most interesting thing about these pillars is, they do not match with the other columns inside the Prophet's Mosque.

· When you visit the place with low price umrah packages, you’ll notice that except for Riaz Ul Jannah, which has green carpet throughout, Masjid An Nabwi is completely red carpeted.

Making Dua inside the ‘Garden of Paradise’

Getting the chance to perform Umrah in the holy month of Ramadan is a great gift for a Muslim. When you get the opportunity to make Dua inside the holy Mosque it’s an added experience for pilgrims. Muslims believe that making Dua in the green carpeted area of Riaz Ul Jannah is similar to praying in Jannat itself, and thus, it holds an immense spiritual value.

As it has such a greater significance, the place is often crowded. So, pilgrims who’ll be visiting the area need to maintain the local customs very strictly. Also, if you need to pray inside Riaz Ul Jannah, you must have an appointment for that. While booking your executive Umrah packages, ask your tour operator for that.

Ramadan And Prayer 

During the month of Ramadan, the importance of making Dua is magnified. This is the month when the gates of Jannat are opened, and the evils are chained. As an act of Ibadat, Muslims do Sawm during the month to increase their devotion and connection with the Almighty. They perform extra prayers, recite the Holy Quran, and offer acts of charity.

Visiting the holy site of the Prophet's Mosque and Riaz Ul Jannah during this sacred time adds to the religious experience and enhances the believer’s connection with Allah (SWT). To make the holy month more special believers go on the Umrah journey with their reliable Umrah services.

Specialty of Adeeba’s Ramadan Umrah Packages 

Adeeba Tour and Travels – is a name that sparks the world of Hajj Umrah Pilgrimage. Being the leading tour operator in Kolkata, we offer a unique opportunity for believers to fulfill their spiritual aspirations, especially during the holy month of Ramadan. Our packages that are made for Ramadan are designed to provide comfort, convenience, and an enriching pilgrimage experience.

The packages are made for every type of pilgrim. What sets Adeeba's packages apart is their focus on helping pilgrims get the chance to visit and pray in the sacred site of Riaz Ul Jannah. If you also dreaming of an affordable hajj umrah package, do not hesitate to ring +91-9832752617 to make lifetime memories in the holy cities of Allah (SWT). 


While going on a Ramadan Umrah journey, visiting Riaz Ul Jannah adds an extra layer of spiritual significance. It's a special opportunity to seek closeness to the Almighty through prayer. With the right package, like those offered by Adeeba Tour and Travels, pilgrims can make the most out of their Ramadan journey and finally be able to establish a pure connection with Allah (SWT).


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