Hajj Tour Package for Women: Can it be Done Without Mahram?

April 18, 2024

In Islam, the Journey of Hajj is fundamental for every capable Muslim Man and Woman, but some misconceptions are going around regarding Women’s Hajj Performance. Even sometimes women find it hard to get a proper Hajj Tour Package. If you are a woman and also faced such a problem then this blog is for you. Let’s start the journey towards Allah (SWT)’s House.

Making Hajj Easier for a Woman 

When we seek Astaghfar for our Gunah and ask for the reward of Jannat, we set on the journey of Hajj to Allah (SWT)’s House. If you are a woman and going on a Hajj journey then Keeping these points in mind will help you in your rituals.

  1. Niyyah: Remember, before you start the journey, make sincere Niyyah to perform Hajj only for the sake of Allah (SWT).
  2. Ihram: As you enter the Miqat, Perform Ghusl before you wear the Ihram clothes. Wear simple, modest clothing, and avoid makeup and perfume. Do not cover your head.
  3. Tawaf: Perform Tawaf by walking around the Kaaba anti-clockwise seven times, if you are in your menstruation cycle then avoid it.
  4. Sa'i: Walk between the hills of Safa and Marwa seven times, do not stop unnecessarily while walking. Do not climb the hills.
  5. Wuquf at Arafat: Standing in the plain of Arafat on the 9th day of Dhul-Hijjah make sincere Dua and introspect.
  6. Muzdalifah: Spend the night in making Ibadat and remembrance at Muzdalifah. Collect pebbles for the stoning ritual.
  7. Stoning the Devil: Cast stones at the three pillars of Jamarat.
  8. Tahallul: Get out of the state of Ihram cutting the end of your hair.
  9. Tawaf al-Ifadah: Perform Tawaf again and Sa'i if your Hajj is combined with Umrah.
  10. Tawaf al-Wida: Bid farewell to the Holy Kaaba with a final Tawaf before leaving Mecca.

Throughout the journey, Keep Sabr and Imaan intact, and show Shukr to Allah (SWT). If you are someone going to perform Hajj this year then you can contact Adeeba Tour and Travels to know the Hajj Tour Package Price 2024 and other services.

Who is a Mahram in Hajj? 

In the journey of Hajj or Umrah, a Mahram is a special person who accompanies a Muslim woman on her pilgrimage and helps her perform the rituals. A Mahram is basically a Male relative of the woman who can be her Husband, Father, Son, or Brother. A few years back, a woman needed to bring a Mahram if she was coming for Umrah or Hajj.

The idea of bringing a Mahram was only to safeguard and support them throughout the pilgrimage. With time, women started performing their pilgrimage alone with confidence and making a difference in the History of Islam. There are several Pilgrimage Tour Operators who offer the Hajj Umrah Package for women so that they can perform their pilgrimages with peace of mind.

Saudi Reaffirms Rules for Hajj 

This year, The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah in Saudi Arabia made an announcement and reaffirmed that women can perform their pilgrimage without a Mahram, and carrying a Mahram is no longer obligatory for the Hajj and Umrah.

After the announcement of Hajj Minister Dr Tawfiq bin Fawzan Al-Rabiah, many countries started allowing their female pilgrims to perform the pilgrimages without a male counterpart. This set the female pilgrims free to make the journey of Hajj and Umrah independently.

This announcement led the pilgrimage operators to curate Cheap Umrah Packages and Hajj Packages for the women going on the journey without a Mahram. Also, this significant change reflects a shift in the system of pilgrimages, which gives women greater autonomy and accessibility to fulfill their religious obligations following the Islamic principles

Indian Women Made History

Marking the History, in 2023, more than 4000 women performed Hajj from India without a Mahram, according to Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India. In one of his ‘Maan ki Baat’, he announced that he received a large number of letters from Muslim women to thank the Government of India for allowing them to perform the journey.

Now, women can book their luxury Hajj package from Mumbai 2024 without waiting for a Mahram to accompany them in their journey to the Holy City of Allah (SWT). As per the Prime Minister, this is the biggest transformation since 2018 made in the Indian Hajj Policy. For these pilgrims specially, female coordinators were arranged to support them on their journey to the House of Allah (SWT).

Booking Hajj Package for Women

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As we have come to the end of the blog, now you know that in the journey towards Allah (SWT), women are now set free to perform their Hajj and Umrah. With the announcement of the Mahram Free Pilgrimage, Saudi Arabia made a big change in the history of Hajj and Umrah.

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