Halq And Taqsir: Don't Miss Out These Rules For Umrah Tour!

November 19, 2022

Once when you do intend to perform Umrah from Kolkata, you must know that there are certain rules that you do need to follow. In order to make your pilgrimage the best one, you do need to abide by certain parameters to gain closeness with the Almighty Allah (SWT).

Significance of Umrah Journey

The conduct of Umrah Tour can change your life. Though it is true that it is being called as a ‘minor pilgrimage’ but at the same time it is also true that there are certain rules of Umrah which can allow you to gain the closeness of Allah (SWT). Umrah is conducted every year by millions of pilgrims with a belief of refreshing their faith in Islam and also seeking forgiveness and mercy from Allah (SWT).

If you reading this and you are planning to perform Umrah trip from Kolkata then make sure to read the blog till the very end to get all the insights about the steps. 

Halq and Taqsir: Follow these rules for your Umrah journey

Mufassir Ismail Ibn Kathir narrates, “In a dream, the Messenger of Allah (PBUH) saw himself entering Makkah and performing Tawaf around the House. He told his companions about this dream when he was still in Madinah…some of them indeed had their head hair shaved, while some of them had their head hair shortened.”

Once the trip (Hajj or Umrah) has been completed at Makkah, Saudi Arabia, two significant rituals Halq and Taqsir must be carried out. "Taqsir" refers to cutting the hair on the head by at least an inch, while "Halq" refers to shaving the head. While Taqsir is required of both men and women, depending on whether one is undertaking Hajj or Umrah, Halq is a ritual that is exclusive for males. Halq and Taqsir are acts of worship, and they should be performed in accordance with the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) with the purpose of pleasing Allah (SWT) and removing oneself from the condition of Ihram.

Rules for Halq:

  • Halq is not a requirement for women in any circumstance. Women are advised to do Taqsir alone.
  • The entire head must be shaved if you're performing Halq. Partial shaving is not taken into account.
  • Even if a person has no hair, the procedure still needs to be performed using a razor.
  • Halq or taqsir must be performed towards the Qibla and from the right side.
  • The pilgrim himself or herself can conduct Taqsir or Halq.

Rules for TaqSir for women: The guidelines for women's umrah haircuts differ significantly from those for males. The main variations are as follows:

  • Women shouldn't conduct Halq instead, they should perform Taqsir in order to be freed from Ihram.
  • One must trim all hair ends to at least the length of a fingertip before conducting Taqsir.
  • Even if a woman has short hair, it must be slightly cropped in order to properly break Ihram and be able to conduct the pilgrimage with more ease.

How much hair should be trimmed by a woman? 

When you get the cheap Umrah packages from Kolkata, you become truly very happy for being able to travel to the Holy Land of Allah (SWT). At the same time you do need to know more about the rules related to it to be able to make this special journey a memorable one. The best Umrah tour operators are here to give you the rules related to it:

  • To complete the Umrah and leave the state of Ihram, a woman must cut her hair to the minimum length of her fingertip, even if she has short hair.
  • Here, the fingertip is at least an inch long.
  • If you are undertaking the Hajj al-Tamattu or Umrah, don't forget to do Taqsir before going back to the guesthouse.
  • Menstruating women are still permitted to cut their own hair.

Since we have come to the end of the blog, we hope that you have now been able to understand the rules related to Halq and TaqSir. Performing Halq and Taqsir, two important rituals, is required after completing Hajj or Umrah. Halq, which solely applies to men, is the act of entirely shaving your head. On the other side, ladies who are conducting Umrah must clip their hair, which is known as Taqsir. 

Conducting the actions of Halq and Taqsir, which signify one's separation from the material world, fosters a spiritual link with Allah (SWT). Therefore, it is essential to be informed of the fundamentals of Hajj and Umrah and to execute the procedures with utmost sincerity and devotion to Allah (SWT) while abiding to the Prophet Muhammad's (PBUH) Sunnah and the recommendations of Islamic scholars.


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