How to Get Closer to Allah With Dhikr?

November 6, 2021

One of the greatest beliefs of the Islamic religion is Allah (SWT), as it is also believed that HE does remain to be the greatest and the supreme power of all, even if you are being in any other part of the country or elsewhere across the globe. The uttering of “SubhanAllah (Glory be to Allah), Alhamdullilah (Praise be to Allah)”, as it has been preached by Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), “La ilaha illalah (there is no God except Allah), and also “Allahu Akbar (Allah is the greatest)”, automatically brings you and your soul more closer to Allah (SWT), whenever you do utter the name with a sense of the complete belief. It has also been said that there is also the need to possess the complete sense of belief and it is also the fundamental need of any human being to carry the name of Allah (SWT) as long as he is existing on the planet as it is only through the blessings of the Creator that one can be able to accomplish all the missions of life.

Initial Steps of being closer to Allah (SWT):

For any of the Muslim pilgrim who does wishes to know the details of the processes that needs to be attained, here is the list of the things that needs to be remembered in order to serve Allah(SWT) with complete devotion and sincerity:

Possession of the stronger sense of intention: This is one of the most important aspects to feel the presence of Allah within your heart. This leads to the understanding of the fact that to be able to possess the Creator in everything that you do in your life. When you do have the stronger sense of the intention you shall be able to perceive the fact that there is no doubt in surrendering all you beliefs to HIM in all that you do or achieve in your life.

Having the immense rate of the patience: This is the second most vital thing that needs to be remembered when you do need to have the urge of having Allah within your heart forever and more. Amid the hard times that shall be cropping up in life, it is also true that you need to have the huge amount of patience as you need to grasp the fact that all of your prayers need the proper time to be answered. Hence learn to adapt the virtue of patience in all that you do.

Maintaining the true sense of consistency: This is also the most important valid point that needs to be remembered while serving Allah with much of the devotion and sincerity. Here the sense of the consistency does refer to the development of the habit which can bring a lot of serenity within oneself. This leads to the understanding of the fact that if anyone develops the habit of recalling Allah (SWT) each day then it can lead to the growth of the better connection with each other.

Performing Dua during the day (Supplication): It is also true that there is no doubt that we often get engrossed with all the desires that engulfs us. Hence it is vital to perform Dua each day with the complete belief that through the recitation of the prayers, Allah (SWT) will surely answer and also guide you in all that you do. We also need to eradicate all the negative thoughts to be able to sense the presence of Allah (SWT) within oneself. During the time of the Dua, it is also mandatory to seek forgiveness to blemish all the negative things from your life. For all the things that has been done, it is true that asking for forgiveness is the best thing that can develop the effective bond between the individual and Allah (SWT).

Indulge in Dhikr (remembrance of Allah): Whenever you wish to achieve the required closeness to Allah, it is also true that there is the need to engage in Dhikr (or remembrance), and also tasbeeh (praising the Creator). You need to say, “Astaghfirullah” a lot to erase your sins. You also need to utter, “Alhamdullilah”, to fulfill all your dreams and desires. Whenever you do come across any type of the beautiful creation, you do need to utter, “SubhanAllah” to recall his name. It is also true that amid the busy schedule of the day you do need to recall his name in what you do see and do to be able to gain the intrinsic peace within you.

Reciting a page from the Quran once in day (Remorse and seeking remission): This is the best thing to do feel the presence of Allah (SWT) deeply within your soul. Amid the busy schedule, it is also mandatory to take out some time for your own self and also read a single page from Quran to perceive the inner meaning of the same. Reflect on the meanings and stay connected with the Creator himself.

The final step to be closer to Allah-Perform Umrah

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