How to Prepare for Umrah: be Mentally and Physically Able

August 19, 2021

One of the most joyous ceremonies of the Muslim pilgrims is to dwell more effectively into the holy practices of Umrah. It is true that the act of worship, as you perform Umrah from Kolkata needs contentment and also the peace of mind. Alhamdulillah, so you do have finally decided to embark on your first trip to Umrah pilgrimage and now you do want to know more of the details of the things that needs to be done for the same. We are here to guide you with all the details, to be completely prepared for the grand day of your life, which is yet to come. Right at the start, it is also true that one of the best facts of doing Umrah is that it is rewarding and also you do get to witness the presence of Allah in your life, in all that you do. For believing it, explore the journey of the best Umrah Tour through your own eyes. There are two ways that can enable you to conduct the same- that is with the physical as well as the mental preparation and also the spiritual preparation, for the successful and also for the enticing pilgrimage of your life;

PHYSICAL PREPARATION:  One of the bigger steps is to acknowledge that one needs to perform Umrah with full zeal and enthusiasm.

1.Have enough physical potential/stamina- Each of the Muslim Pilgrim needs to be aware of the fact that for the conduct of the Umrah, it does need more of the physical exertion for the time that one does need to remain in Mecca. There is also the need to be physically active for the longer span of time, as there are many rituals and also many steps which needs to be initiated. There are many of the days when you need to walk more and more to accomplish all the needs and desires of Umrah. Hence it is required to be physically active and also be in the best of the health to be able to indulge into the rituals of Umrah with full energy. This will allow you to walk tirelessly from the respective hotel to the Masjidil Haram or the Holy mosque, for each of the prayer of the Fardhu. Being fit will also strengthen you navigate your way into the Holy Mosque and also remain stranded for some of the long hours at the airport. 

2.Be vaccinated: This is also the mandate thing that needs to be abided by each of the Muslim. Being vaccinated and also receiving both the doses of the Covishield vaccine will enable you to remain safe within the premises of the Holy Mosque and also perform all the rituals of Umrah at ease. We do require each of the pilgrims to be vaccinated to acquire the best umrah packages.

3.Suit yourself as per the weather: Since Umrah requires a lot of physical activities, hence, it is also advisable for each one of you to suit yourself as per the weather. Clothes must be chosen as per the weather. During summer (May-Oct) the temperature ranges between 28-45 degrees, hence cotton-wear is suggested, while in the winter (Dec-feb) the weather ranges between 17-33 degrees. Be more comfortable in the clothes and also footwear that is worn by you during the time of initiating the journey. 

4.Carry all the necessary stuff: Since Umrah is one of the bigger pilgrimages as compared with that of Hajj, it is recommended to bring along all the essentials that can help during the trip. One must be concerned enough to carry all the personal stuff and also the required medicines, unscented soaps and also the wet tissues, to have the personal and also the comfortable journey, for a lifetime and more. 

MENTAL PREPARATION:  For the conduct of the Umrah tour packages, it is also necessary to possess the mental preparation, which can also enable the pilgrim to passionately indulge into the same. Here are some of the ways;

1.Accept “cultural differences” willingly: Here at Mecca or Medinah, it is true that there shall be more of the cultural differences prevalent once you step into the place. There is no need to regret about any of the same, rather one should be able to acknowledge the same accordingly. 

2.Be gracious to be exposed to different madhabs: Since you shall be witnessing many people from different beliefs, it is advisable to be gracious in accepting the different norms of Islam, and also be able to practice your own ritualistic needs accordingly.

SPIRITUAL PREPARATION: There shall be many diversions but one needs to have the following spiritual preparation to be able to accomplish the rituals of Umrah with full devotion:

1.Have more perseverance, with Allah in your mind: Since one of the primary reasons for Umrah is only to perceive the presence of Allah in your life, hence it is also advisable to constantly think about him amid the hustle-bustle of the present day. 

2.Be more knowledgeable: For the conduct of the Umrah, it is also required to have all the detailed knowledge of the rituals and the inner meaning associated with it. This will also allow you to take part in the Umrah tour with complete potential. 

3.Listen to the melodious tones of Prophet Mohammad: One of the best things that you can do is to divert your mind by listening to the famous sayings of Prophet to be busy. 

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