How to seek forgiveness from Allah to gain the blessings?

December 14, 2021

Falling under the trap of sin seems to very easy that can conquer our peace of our mind to fall back to the zone where the blessings of the Almighty Allah (SWT) might not even outreach. With the rise of some of the unprecedented desires in the human mind, it has been quite difficult to probe much deeper into the facts that can provide much of honest retaliation of the things and the actions that needs to be done. Currently it has also been noticed that we humans find it quite easy to not choose the path of righteousness and display our true self to the Creator. This leads us to witness the evil consequences and also suffer from the deeper level of contemplation. 

Forgiveness can also be attained with the righteous deeds that are done at Mecca with the best Umrah deals. Despite this, it has been preached in the Islamic faith that if you commit sins, Allah (SWT) does forgive the one and also enables the direct pathway to salvation for the same. All you need to do is to possess the key understanding of the fact that there shall be the final Day of Judgment where the key to paradise shall depend on the conduct of the work and the behavior that has been depicted to others throughout the lifespan of time. 

What happens when you seek forgiveness?

Since it has been famously known that the best virtue attributed by someone is forgiveness, it is true that much of the sins of an individual get covered up when there is sincerity and the utmost dedication in the prayers done to the Almighty Allah (SWT). There needs to be the core realization of the mistakes that are done without the urge of making it as a practice for a lifetime. 

What are the ways to seek forgiveness from the messenger of Allah (PBUH)? 

Read the following points to know more of the ways that can adopted by you to seek mercy and also forgiveness from the Lord, to be able to enter into the domain of Paradise:

  • Make sincere intention to be pure from heart: The mode of the intention that is being possessed by someone is indeed the best way to resolve all the deeper conflicts that is dominating the mind. You do need to have the firm determination of not repeating any of your past wrongdoings. This can truly bring you closer to Allah (SWT). 
  • You need to fear the supreme power of the Almighty Allah (SWT): When you commit sins, you need to realize that you are no longer being sheltered by the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). This shall not even make you fall back under the trap of any type of disgrace by committing sins. 
  • Always think well & do good for others: It’s true that in order to eradicate all the sins from your life, it is your duty to always think and also do good fir others which will enable you to receive the blessings from the Creator.
  • Be remorseful about doing any kind of sin: When at the time of conducting any sins, even if it’s enjoyable, it must not be done knowingly or unknowingly. Enjoy the presence of Allah (SWT) as you seek mercy with the cheapest packages for Umrah from Kolkata. 
  • Perform Salah with the Duas uttered with pure intention: Despite the fact that a sin has been done, it is your duty, to always pray even more and more with the right intention of never hurting or repeating any of the sins that has been conducted. Through the performance of the Salah, one can definitely be closer to Allah (SWT) to gain his infinite blessings. 
  • Recite Astaghfirullah constantly: Say it 3 times after every salah and minimum of 100 times a day. It means, "I seek forgiveness from Allah".


With the presence of the small amount of the mindfulness during the time of doing any type activity or even while speaking to someone can prevent the rise of any type of sins, in a daily life. 

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