Renew your Islamic faith with Good Neighborliness

December 17, 2021

In Islam, much has been spoken and also emphasized about the goodwill that needs to be possessed within for the neighbors of the society. According to the teachings that has been emphasized by Prophet Muhammad ? it is true that there is the definite need to possess the goodwill and also the intense care for others that reside in the neighborhood, simply to pacify the Creator of all.

"Serve God, and join not any partners with Him; and do good—to parents, kinsfolk, orphans, those in need, neighbors who are near, neighbors who are strangers, and the companion by your side, the way-farer (ye meet), and what your right hands possess: for God loveth not the arrogant, the vainglorious." (Quran 4:36)

Catering to the needs and demands of the community with a pure intention does also bring a person much closer to the Almighty Allah (SWT) as it allows the person to serve the Creator in a different way. It is also mandatory to possess the humankind to be able to establish better social relations that can develop the nature of the community of the present day.

Why is it important to look after the neighbor in Islam?

According to the Islamic faith, it has been true that there is the definite need to possess the goodwill nature towards others in the society to promote the healthy relations in the community. It is vital and also crucial to look after the needs of the neighbors as it is our social duty to help one another in piety and also in righteousness, which can increase the foundation of kindness and compassion in the near future.

What are the duties that need to be performed upon the neighbors?

In Islam, it is true that there is the mandate need to ensure a safe and also a friendly neighborhood which can heighten the solidarity in the community amongst all. Based on the Islamic religion, here are the several duties that need to be performed upon our neighbors to be able to establish the social relation with one another:

  • Respect your neighbor: One of the most vital facts of being dutiful towards a neighbor is through the mode of respect that you do bestow upon one another. It doesn’t depend what age you possess as compared to your neighbor but it is your primary duty to be elegant in your behavior and also depict the nature of your manners towards everyone.
  • Take care of your neighbors when they are ill: As it has been mentioned that when you find that your neighbors are ill, it is your sole duty to cater to their needs to also please the benevolent Allah (SWT). 
  • Try to be humble in sharing: At times, when you are graced by the glory of the Lord to have everything that you do grant for, stay humble to the core of your own self and also share as much as you can with your neighbors to be able to pacify the Almighty Creator. 
  • Ensure the safety of the neighbors: At times when there calamity befalls you, you do need to ensure the safety of your neighbors to be able to maintain the healthy communication with your beloved ones. 
  • Participate in the good fortune of your neighbors: When at times your neighbor is indulging in happy times, it is indeed your prerogative to be joyful and also cherish the moment with them to take part in all the good fortune altogether. 
  • Lend a shoulder in help to provide the required relief: At times of despair, it is completely your duty, according to the Islamic faith, to lend the required aid and the help to your neighbors even if they don’t have the urge to ask you directly.


The Divine Book of the Quran does indeed teach us to be humble to the core and spread the word of love and kindness through the enactment of the duties that we do need to decipher upon our neighbors, simply to attain the eternal blessings of the benevolent Allah (SWT). 

Assalamo Alaikum ,
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