Spiritual Teachings From Hajj

November 5, 2018

Hajj is a journey of mind that flows from ritual to spiritual course. Each ritual of Hajj has a deep spiritual meaning that teaches humankind to be kind and experience the presence of Allah in every tiny bit of the universe. It provides humankind with a unique opportunity to come out from their comfort zone and explore the world outside with ‘Taqwa’ inside their heart. Hence, the experience of Hajj not only save the people in the Judgment day but also assists them to lead their lives in a more aware state of mind.

Remembrance of Death

One of the important steps of Hajj is wearing ‘Irhams’. ‘Irhams’ makes a person remember about ‘Kafan’. ‘Kafan’ is also regarded as the symbol of death in Islam. Remembrance of death helps a true Muslim to accumulate ‘Taqwa’ and assists people to fight sins as well as disobedience. For the purpose of Hajj; one has to give up regular clothing and wear two clean, unstitched, white clothes. Similarly, one needs to compose a clean as well as pure heart by polish it daily with “Dhikr” and seeking forgiveness.

Eternal Journey

The Hajj journey resembles the journey to Allah and the Hereafter. When one starts, the journey one has to leave everything behind, your homeland and family and surrender to Allah. Travelling is leaving every comfort behind and prepare for unknown to be known. This journey will make you remember how short one’s life is and how insignificant one’s desire in compared to the whole universe. Anything that is real in this unreal world is Allah. Only that is eternal truth rest is just illusion.

Face the Satan and defeat it

Ramy, which is throwing seven pebbles at each of the three pillars representing Satan is one of the important steps of Hajj. This Hajj step resembles an incident in the life of prophet Ibraaheem who was instructed by almighty Alla to sacrifice his son in the name of Allah. While he is preparing his mind for this tough but great deed, Satan comes three times and to prevent him from sacrificing his son thus to disobey Allah. Similarly, in our real life, we often visited by Satan in our mind who prevent us from following the path directed by Allah. We must throw pebbles of good thought to abolish the Satan and remain on the path that is shown by Allah’s Messenger Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him (PBUH).

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