Umrah Guide For First Timers

September 6, 2021

It is true that Umrah is one of the most sacred journeys of the lifetime and this is also regarded as the sacred pilgrimage to Mecca or Medina. With high regard to Islam religion, it is also true that almost every year, millions of Muslim pilgrims have to visit the Holy Kaaba. There are some definite rules and regulations that we need to abide by to follow the strict guidelines of Umrah and Hajj. Again, if there is someone who is about to perform Umrah for the first time, then it is also true that there is a need to know the details of Umrah for the first timers who seem to have no basic knowledge of the practice of Umrah. Also, purchase the luxury Umrah package price at your own affordable budget, now and visit Mecca with your family: 

Umrah- sacred pilgrimage for the Muslim pilgrims

There is no doubt that Umrah is considered to be the best pilgrimage by all the Muslim pilgrims as through the holy rituals it has been believed that each individual gets to feel the core presence of Allah (SWT) of the deeds are performed with high sincerity and the high level of the dedication that you do get to perceive through us. As per the sayings of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), “He, who has the power of Ibadat for Umrah, can gain the pleasure of eternal Paradise” (Hadith, Book- 27). Hence, it is also true that there is much pleasure in the conduct of Umrah and Hajj, as the former does give you the ecstatic pleasure of being closer to the Creator of all. 
Umrah-Do’s and Don’ts: Here are some of the rules that we do need to keep in mind as Umrah is considered one of the best pilgrimages of a Muslim pilgrim to seek mercy from Allah (SWT), for a lifetime and more. Below are some of the rules that need to be abided by any individual who seems to avail of the best Umrah deals, for the first time:

  • Be more knowledgeable: It is very important to be more knowledgeable of the rituals and the deeds that need to be performed at the time of Umrah as it shall help an individual to be able to understand each of the steps that need to be conducted at the time of the pilgrimage. 
  • Be more humble towards each other: It is also true that there is the need to be more humble as you have come to visit the Holy Kaaba and there is no need to be engulfed in any type of sinful activity. 
  • Keep praying to Allah (SWT): One of the most vital points is that there is the need to be in touch with the Creator of all through prayer. From the initial start of the journey of Umrah till the time you perform the last ritual, it is also important one should pray with full sincerity and devotion to seek mercy and forgiveness from Allah (SWT). 
  • Embrace the cultural differences: One of the vital facts is that there is the need to accept the different cultural differences that you shall be exposed to, during the conduct of your Umrah journey. 

  • Do not have any bad intentions: Since Umrah is considered to be one of the sacred journeys, hence one must not have any of bad intentions towards the same which will be disrespectful to the religion as well. 
  • Do not touch or wipe the Holy Kaaba: There is no definite rule that by touching the Holy Kaaba, there will be the acceptance of Barakah, as it is also wrong that one must not wipe or touch the clothes of Kaaba with the clothes that are being worn at the time of Ihram. 
  • Do not indulge in the act of greed: Since Umrah is a holy journey to feel the blessings of Allah (SWT), it is also true that there is no need to be possessed by any means of a greedy nature. Rather, one must possess the purity of the mind to be able to conduct the Umrah with complete sincerity and dedication. 
  • Do not use perfume and any bad language: One of the most common aspects is the usage of the perfume will keep one fresh. But it is also true that there should not be usage of perfume till the Umrah rituals are over. Also, each of the individuals must not use any bad language or curse each other, as this will be disrespectful towards the Islamic religion. 

Hence, it can be said that there are several factors that needs to be kept in mind before visiting Mecca, for the Umrah pilgrimage, to be able to witness the cherishing journey of a lifetime and more. Through the affordable Umrah packages, you can experience the iconic journey of your life from the best tour and travels of Kolkata, India. 

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