Umrah Package Booking: Is Ihram Before Crossing Miqat Valid?

May 17, 2024

Alhamdulillah! You are finally ready to visit the house of Allah by performing Umrah. While you search for the best Umrah package booking options you may wonder which is the best time to perform and enter the state of Ihram. Many pilgrims perform Ihram from home or the Airport before taking on the holy journey, and many think Ihram must be performed at a certain point of Miqat, so which option is the best?

This blog will explore exactly when Ihram must be performed along with all the contributing factors. 

Ihram: All you need to know is here 

Ihram is a sacred state that the pilgrims must enter before performing Umrah or Hajj. Ihram is the state of purity, it expresses your pure Imaan (faith) towards Allah (SWT). certain restrictions like abstention from marital relations, wearing specific clothing, and avoiding harmful speech and actions. It's a state from which you must guide your entire focus to the Ibadat (worship) of Allah (SWT).

What is Miqat?

Miqat can be stated as the boundary points surrounding Mecca. As per Islamic traditions, pilgrims from outside Mecca must perform Ihram at their specified Miqat point regardless of their Hajj Umrah package. There are total Miqat points. The points are: 

  • Dhul Hulayfah (Abyar Ali): This point is located 410 km north of Mecca and is situated 18 km southwest of Masjid-al-Nabawi. This point is designated for the pilgrims from Madinah and the north. 
  • Al-Juhfah (Rabigh): This point is located 182 km northwest of Mecca. This point is designated for pilgrims from Europe, North America, Syria, Egypt, Turkey, and some other African countries. 
  • Qarn al-Manazil (Al-Sayl): Situated near Riyadh and Taif (80 km East of Mecca), this miqat is designated for pilgrims from Pakistan, Oman, Australia, UAE, Singapore, and Najd. 
  • Dhat Irq: This is a historically valued Miqat as it is assumed that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and his companions performed Ihram here on their pilgrimage. This point is situated 90 km northeast of Mecca and is designated for pilgrims from Iran, Iraq, China, and Russia. 
  • Yalamlam (Al-Sadiah): Yalamlam is located 100 km south of Mecca. This Miqat is designated for pilgrims from Yemen, South Africa, Nigeria, and the South. 

Entering into the state of Ihram: Pointers to know 

The main question is when you can enter the state of Ihram. If you have booked the best Umrah package from Kolkata, then can you perform Ihram from Kolkata? In Islamic tradition, Ihram must be entered at Miqat, not any time before. Many scholars believe the Niyyah (intention) for Umrah is made at Miqat while performing Ihram. However, why Ihram cannot be performed before Miqat? Let’s try to find the proper answer. 

  • Following the Path of the Prophet (PBUH): Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) entered Ihram at designated Miqat to perform his pilgrimages, so, performing Ihram at Miqat means following the Sunnah (practice). That’s why many believe that Ihram at Miqat is the authentic way. 
  • Respecting the Miqats: Miqats are considered as the boundaries surrounding Mecca. So, these are the marks of the start of the Holy pilgrimages. Many scholars believe that performing Ihram before Miqat might be disrespecting the sacred boundaries.   
  • Breaking the Restrictions: The Ihram is a significant state showing pure devotion to Allah (SWT), so entering the Ihram before reaching the designated place may break some restrictions of the ritual. 

Exceptions: Specific Vows of the Pilgrims 

Ihram should not be performed before Miqat whether you have an affordable or luxury Umrah package from Kolkata, although a rare exception can permit you to perform Ihram before Miqat. If a specific Nazr (vow) is made by the pilgrim to perform Ihram before Miqat, then the exception can take place to fulfill the Nazr. However, making the vow requires proper consultation with an Islamic scholar for guidance. 

Wearing the Ihram Clothes Before Miqat

Before reaching Miqat, Ihram clothes (for men two white clothes, for women modest clothing) can be worn. However, it is best to wear Ihram clothes after entering the state of Ihram when your Imaan is declared. Wearing Ihram clothes before Miqat is a practical method of preparation to enter the state of Ihram.

Tips to Enter Into Ihram 

First time performing Ihram? Then looking at low price Umrah packages 2024 can be a better option as new hidden costs may arise. No worries, following these tips might make your Ihram performance easy. 

  • Make Your Niyyah Clear: At Miqat, declare your Niyyah to perform Umrah with a pious Imaan and devotion to the Holy pilgrimage.  
  • Wudu or Ghusl: The main point of Ihram is cleaning yourself. Self-cleaning can be of two types, one Ghusl which means cleaning oneself fully and properly. On the other hand, Wudu means partial cleaning of the body. Perform any of these cleaning processes to enter into the Ihram.  
  • Wear Ihram Clothes: Wear Ihram clothes after entering the state. For men two white clothes and for women clothing with modesty, that can cover her whole body. 
  • Talbiya Recitation: Reciting Talbiyah after every step states the declaration of Niyyah and devotion to Umrah, marking your official entry into the state of Ihram.

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Umrah is significant for Muslims worldwide and to perform this pilgrimage properly it is important to understand the value of Miqat for a proper Ihram. Get proper guidance regarding the whole pilgrimage, consult with scholars, and choose a reliable operator. Following these steps will make your trip successful. 

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