Walk Around Kabba: Know More About the Pillars of Umrah

August 7, 2021

For every Muslim, it is true that the practice of Umrah has been considered to be superfluous to attain the eternal peace and the happiness for a lifetime and more. Hence, one of the main religious ceremonies that is considered to be incessantly superior and which is performed for the entire year is Umrah. To begin with, the name itself does suggest “visiting a populated place”, but here for every Muslim, the act of Umrah does enlighten their minds in planning the journey of their life- with the key intention of being close to the Creator- Allah. Throughout the year, the Muslims do anticipate for the joyous ceremony to take place, and it is during this time of the year that each one of them does bestow all the sincerity to gain much more of the sanctity in undergoing the rituals after entering Kabba. The act of performing Umrah began since the 14th century and is still done with huge dedication. 

Pillars of Umrah: Mandate rules to abide

There are some of the mandate rules to follow during the time of performing Umrah, while perceiving the four pillars of Umrah, which are as follows: 

  • Ihram from Miqat: This is the initial step to follow while undergoing the rituals of Umrah. This is the basic intention of undergoing the ritual of Umrah even before entering Umrah. Even before entering into the premises of Kabba, it is the prerogative of every Muslim to possess the sense of purity in the minds even before initiating any type of the ritualistic deeds. For the entrance into Ihram, men need to wear the exclusive designed clothes for the performance of Umrah. Men, in brief, need to wear the two sheets of the white clothes, while the female gender can wear anything but it needs to be less revealing. It is also mandatory for Ihram to be worn before passing of the Miqat (a place where the Ihram starts). Besides the clothing, it is also mandatory to perform the Ihram with the clear sense of the mind that shall not indulge in any of the illegal practices like drinking alcohol, getting involved in any type of the sexual activity or even applying perfume directly. Also, it is to be noted that the Ihram clothing is also provided by Adeeba Tour and travels. 

  • Tawaf- This is one of the most vital steps that need to be abided by each of the traveler to possess eternal peace. Adeeba Tour and travels does cater to the needs and demands of each of the customers to allow them pursue their dreams in full zeal and enthusiasm. The act of Tawaf does signify the manner of walking around the holy Kaaba in counter clockwise direction, as it is one of the principle rites that needs to be abided with utmost sincerity. The seven rounds do start and also end at Hajar-al-Aswad; or the “black stone”. It is to be noted that the meaning of the word, “tawaf” is to walk around and the main intention of the ritual is to be close to Allah and gain the eternal peace, which is indeed bliss to every Muslim traveler, who comes to Mecca with the sole intention of possessing Allah within himself/herself. Since the holy kabba is the eminent representative of the Muslims, hence each of the travelers does encircle it with sheer emotion.  

  • Sai- The third pillar of Umrah being the Sai is all about the ritualistic walking between the hills of the Safa and the Marwah seven times, and it is during this time that every Muslim traveler is bound to abide by the rule of asking for mercy and infinite blessings from Allah. This will ensure each of the travelers to seek the motivation and courage of witnessing all the hardships of life, without any of the hassle or disputes. 

  • Tahallul- This Arabic word does mean, “Discontinuation of the ceremonial state of Hajj/ Umrah”. With the completion of the Umrah, men needs to shave their heads, the female gender needs to cut a small portion of their heads. It is to be noted that shaving does also represent the sense of purity which any individual must exercise upon him/ her, before the rituals of Umrah.

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