Ways to Get Blessings from the Jummah Prayer

November 5, 2021

The prophet (PBUH) once had said, “The Friday prayer is obligatory on him who does hear the call”. [Sahih Bukhari, Book 11]. Through this, the great Prophet (PBUH) did try to emphasize on the fact that the Friday prayers needs to performed with utmost sincerity and this can also lead to the growth and the attainment of salvation in the near future. It has been preached by the messenger of Allah (SWT), that it is the duty of the believer to simply leave the trade business and divert his mind towards the Creator himself, thus, by directly participating in the holy prayer session conducted on Fridays.

Why is Jummah prayer done?

One of the main reasons to perform the Jummah prayer is to seek mercy and salvation from Allah (SWT). As per the Quran, it is true that there is much of the strong invocation of Friday as the holy day of performing Ibadat with sincerity which can enable one to feel the presence of Allah (SWT) in their heart. As it has been narrated by the holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) “A worshipper who washes fully on Friday that comes to Salatul Jummah in the early time, then listens to the Imam’s speeches and does not do anything wrong, Allah (SWT) will grant this worshipper the reward of one year of fasting and prayer”. [Sahih Bukhari, Book 11]. Perform Ibadat during Jummah prayer to be also able to attain from us the luxury Umrah packages, to travel to Mecca, exclusively.

  • Ways to seek blessings from the Jummah Prayer:

Since there is much of the significance of the actions than that of the words, it is true that there are plenty of the ways through which any believer can be able to gain the blessings of the Almighty Allah (SWT):

  • Make the ritual of Jummah a mandatory habit:

In order to gain the eternal blessings of Allah (SWT), you do need to make Jummah prayer a mandatory habit in your life. If you do wish to avail the best Umrah deals then, it is obligatory to develop the core belief towards the Creator to seek his blessings that shall be etched in your heart for a lifetime and more.

  • Pray not for yourself but for being true to your religion:

It is true that you do need to practice some of the ethical norms of the Islamic faith to be able to duly oblige to the rules that has been stated in the Quran. Prayers on Friday need not to be done due to the fact that there shall be the attainment of the rewards, but rather for being more true to your own self, and also towards your own religion. This will also enable you to acquire the family umrah package 2021 and dedicate your time to the Allah (SWT), to seek the blessings and also mercy for all the sins that you have conducted in your life.

  • Make the priority time for Jummah at any cost:

It is true that when the desired time does arrive, you do need to make the best of your time, by abandoning all that you do which must also be considered as unimportant during that time. On Fridays, you must not indulge in any kind of the important tasks and even if you are preoccupied with something, you do need to leave that and perform Ibadat with sincerity.

  • Count your blessings on Jummah:

Even during the time of Umrah pilgrimage, where pilgrims do travel to their favorite Mecca with the complete umrah package, they not only ask for mercy but at the same time they do also lays down their gratitude for all that they possess. It is also the duty of the believer to be thankful for all the good possessions of his life.

  • Read “Surah-Al-Kahf” on each Friday:

It has been preached by the great Prophet (PBUH) that one, who does read Surah-Al-Kahf’s on Fridays, shall find his entire week enlightened until the next Friday (Al-Jaami).

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