What are the unique ways of overcoming envy (Ghibtah)?

October 27, 2021

In Islam, it is true that there is the need to be more compassionate towards one another. Possession of the good behavior is indeed one of the best things that can pacify Allah (SWT) fully. With the advent of the technological advancement in the present day, it is also true that we humans have become too ungenerous onwards one another. Hence, it is true that we do need to be humble enough to be able to eradicate the envious nature that is predominant within our minds. 

What is envy (Ghibtah)? 

It is said that envy is the state of the being jealous towards one another where there is the less presence of the love and respect for another. It has been defined as the state of being vicious for what someone else possesses, which makes one to lash out directly, using some of the harsh words and also disrespecting the other without having any sense of the consequences that shall be witnessed on the final judgment day. 

On the other hand it is to be stated that Ghibtah and envy do go hand in hand. It is an Arabic word that means being envy of someone who has better capabilities. In Hadith it has been termed as one of the irrational feeling that is being dominated within an individual due to the lack of the adequate knowledge. It has been popularly narrated by the great Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) that in order to perceive the blessings of Allah (SWT), one must free himself from the envious nature that one carried within his heart. 

What are the ways of being rid of the envious nature? 

Allah (SWT) does only love themselves who has the power to be more humble and also generous towards one another. Hence there is much of the need to annihilate the sense of envy to be able to gain the purity of the mind, to simply feel the presence of Allah (SWT) in our heart forever. Often it is true that many of us do hurt the other by using some of the hurtful languages or even indulging in any type of sinful activities.

Let’s follow the rules preached in the Quran and also abide by the norms of the Hadith, to gain eternal blessings from the Creator of all. 

Here is the list of the ways that needs to be abided to be able to devour ourselves completely to Allah (SWT) without being envious, as it is also considered to be one of the biggest sins that needs to be blemished, to gain the blessings of the Almighty Creator of all: 

  • Perform Ibadaat more with much of the sincerity
  • Never compare yourself with the other, as this shall also increase your hurt;
  • Recognize and also embrace your own individuality;
  • The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said: “The most evil in my nation are garrulous, braggarts, and pompous. The best of my nation are those with the best character.” “Verily, the believers with the most complete faith are those with the most excellent character and who are most kind to their families.” Learn to adapt to the same. 
  • Engage yourself with the thoughts of Allah (SWT), this will reduce your envy nature automatically. 
  • Work within your limitations to reduce your envy. 
  • Be happy with your accomplishments. 
  • Do remind yourself that Allah (SWT) is always there for you. 

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