What Made Adeeba's Low Price Umrah Packages the Best?

April 12, 2024

Going on the pilgrimage of Umrah to Mecca, is something very special and sacred for every Muslim. It somewhere symbolizes their love for Islam and Allah (SWT). However, in this sacred journey, a question arises: why do countless pilgrims opt for Low Price Umrah Packages to make their Umrah journey? And what sets Adeeba's offerings apart in this crowded field?

Umrah to Mecca: A journey into the Sacred Land 

Umrah to Mecca is a journey that is dreamt of by every believer at least once in life. It's a special time when a believer makes the journey to the sacred city of Mecca, seeking closeness to Allah (SWT) and purification of their Ruh. Performing Umrah involves acts of Ibadat like Tawaf (anti-clockwise walking) around the Kaaba and Sa'i (walking between the hills of Safa and Marwa). Each step taken during Umrah has its significance and pilgrims try to follow the steps of Prophet Ibrahim (AS) and his family in order to praise Allah (SWT).

Umrah is a journey of Sabr, Taqwa, and making deep connections with the Ash Shafee. Every pilgrim's Ruh is filled with Shukr as they get an opportunity to go on this spiritual voyage, seeking Astaghfar and Barkat from the Most Merciful. They book Packages for Umrah and set on the journey towards the Holy Kaaba. Though it needs physical readiness, Umrah is not bound to a physical journey; its impact is beyond imagination on a soul.

Why Do Pilgrims Choose Packages to Perform Umrah? 

Pilgrims often choose packages for Umrah to make their journey smoother and focus more on their Ibadat. As these packages handle all the travel arrangements, like flights, accommodations, and transportation, leaving pilgrims free to concentrate on their religious duties.

  • Support: These packages make sure that at every step of the journey is taken care of which allows pilgrims to involve themselves fully in the sacred rituals without worrying about logistics.
  • Guidance: These packages often guide experienced tour guides, just to make sure that pilgrims perform each ritual correctly according to Islamic teachings.
  • Peace of mind: This support offers peace of mind, especially for those undertaking Umrah for the first time or traveling from distant lands like India.

Ultimately, with the help of these Umrah Tour Operators, pilgrims can on their spiritual journey with ease, devotion, and confidence, knowing that everything has been arranged to facilitate their connection with Allah (SWT) and the sacred sites of Mecca.

Adeeba’s ‘After Eid Umrah Package’ is here: Grab it soon

After the joyous celebrations of Eid if you want to visit Allah (SWT)’s House to get his blessings Adeeba's After Eid Umrah Package is the best option for you. Priced affordably at just 1,10,000/- per person, this 15-day package offers a comprehensive journey of Imaan. Pilgrims will spend seven days in the sacred city of Mecca and another seven in the blessed city of Medina, involving themselves in Ibadat and Dua.

Departing on the 25th of April 2024, this package covers all essential aspects of the pilgrimage. Pilgrims also have the opportunity to book a luxury Umrah Package when going on Umrah with us. From flights to visas, accommodations, and even a dedicated tour guide, Adeeba Tour and Travels guarantees a seamless and fulfilling experience for every pilgrim. 

Moreover, pilgrims need not worry about meals, as food is included in the package throughout the journey. Also, the package encompasses Ziyarat (religious visits) to significant Islamic sites and provides the opportunity to bring the blessed Zamzam water with them (though it depends on availability). With Adeeba's After Eid Umrah Package, pilgrims can make their spiritual dreams a reality with peace of mind.

Why Adeeba’s Umrah Packages are Best? 

Adeeba Tour and Travels has been serving pilgrims for a very long time. It has always been the first choice of pilgrims performing Umrah from Kolkata because of so many reasons –

  1. Accessibility: The Umrah packages make the journey to Mecca affordable for all Muslims so that financial limitations do not hinder their spiritual aspirations.
  2. Convenience: Adeeba Tour and Travels takes care of all logistical arrangements, including flights, accommodations, and transportation, whenever pilgrims book the Umrah Hajj Packages from Kolkata. This allows pilgrims to focus solely on their religious obligations without worrying about the logistics and other details.
  3. Support: With us, pilgrims can get attention and guidance from an experienced Tour Guide, who will guide them throughout the journey to offer a smooth and enriching Umrah experience.
  4. Affordability: Adeeba offers competitively priced packages without compromising on quality, which makes Umrah accessible to a wider range of pilgrims.

Choose Adeeba for your next pilgrimage

Select Adeeba Tour and Travels for your next pilgrimage so that you can easily and comfortably go out on a journey of faith. You can rely on the dedication of the Company which provides reasonably priced Hajj Umrah Package that are customized to meet your needs. Allow Adeeba Tour and Travels to handle all the planning, including lodging and travel, to guarantee an easy Umrah experience. Call us now to check the packages and plan your next Umrah.

Take advantage of the direction and assistance of their committed staff at every stage, freeing you up to concentrate only on your spiritual commitments. You can be sure that when you go with us, your pilgrimage will be carried out with the highest care and attention to detail, leaving you with priceless memories and a deeper bond with your Allah (SWT).


Adeeba Tour and Travels is the destination where Spirituality meets Comfort and Affordability. They prioritize customer satisfaction above all else. From the moment of inquiry to the completion of the pilgrimage, their dedicated team ensures that you receive personalized attention and support when you are on your journey to meet Allah (SWT).

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