What type of visa is required for umrah?

September 22, 2021

Umrah is definitely considered to be the best pilgrimages of each of the Muslim pilgrim. For any of the pilgrims having conducted the rituals of Umrah, is beneficial, as it leads to the growth of the sincerity and devotion among the pilgrims, towards Allah (SWT). Possessing the ultimate faith in Allah (SWT) can blemish all the negativity of life, as the pilgrimage of Umrah is also about the annihilation of the sins that is conducted by all the pilgrims. As it has been said by the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), having performed the rituals of Umrah can lead someone to enter into the domain of Paradise (Sahih Bukhari, Hadith 631). One of the main reasons why Umrah is considered to be holy is because it leads to the growth of the immense faith within oneself towards the Creator of all. Having performed Umrah also leads to the complete eradication of all the sins and the impure feelings that one possesses within oneself, in the course of his life.

Why is Umrah done? 

One of the primary reasons why Umrah is done is due to the fact that there is the constant need to be pure from within to be able to admire and also feel the core presence of Allah (SWT). It is also needed to be able to connect with the Almighty and eradicate all the sins and negativity of life, as per the wills of Allah (SWT). 

Here’s the details of the visa that is required to travel to Saudi Arabia

For travelling to Saudi Arabia, there is the need to have the definite type of the visa. For travelling to the place of your dreams to be sheltered under the arms of Allah, it is also vital to possess some of the essential documents. Post pandemic, the country of Saudi Arabia has now opened the doors for each of the pilgrims to travel with fewer worries and also maintain the definite type of the safety protocols. For the international visitors, it is now the exclusive opportunity to visit the Holy Kaaba, through the acquisition of the Saudi Tourist Visa. For any of the pilgrim who does wishes to travel to Mecca or Medinah, it is mandatory to have the allowance of the Saudi Tourist Visa for a certain time, to be able to relish the time that is spent with the loved ones and families, while seeking the blessings of Allah (SWT). With us, by your side, you do also get to witness the best umrah deals of the day, to be able to have the best memories for a lifetime and more. 
Visa Eligibility and its main requirements

To be able to travel to Mecca, there is the need to abide by some of the rules, which are as follows: 
  • At the initial time of the booking of your tickets, it is also important for the pilgrim belonging to the concerned eligible country, to be able to fill up the application form that is available on the eVisa-Portal.
  • Some of the tourists from the other countries need to apply for the consultate visa through the direct consultation with the embassy and the other consultancy services that is available. 
  • Some of the holders of the US, UK, Schengen visas can directly apply for the visa upon arrival. 
  • There is the mandatory rule for the applicant to be above the age of 18.
  • Under-aged applicant does need someone to act as their guardian. 
  • There is the need for the passport validity to suffice for tenure of 6 months.
  • Visa fees are non-refundable hence there is no possibility of any type of the refund.
  • Some of the mandate document that is required for the initiation of the visa is the return ticket along with the BOOKING confirmation of the stay, and also the hard copy of the visa which will aid in establishing the validity of the same. 

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