Why Allah Does Burdens Not a Person Beyond His Scope?

December 8, 2021

There is lesser doubt in the saying that with the presence of the Almighty in the heart and also in the life of an individual, there is much greater scope of the same to encompass all the hurdles of the life. Also, it is true that there is the greater facility to acquire all the blessings through the devotion and also by conducting the right deeds that is needed to be done simply to empower oneself with all, that one possesses. With the passage of time, it is true that there is the dire need to purify one to enter into the domain of the Paradise. 

As it is a known fact, that there is the final Judgment day that does allow each of the believer to allow himself/herself to be under the guidance of the Allah (SWT) as per the deeds that has been done, all throughout their life, hence there is also the much greater chance for the same to get punished for all the wrong-doings done both knowingly or unknowingly. As it has been preached by the famous Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) that, “Oh Son of Adam, so long as you call upon me, and ask of me, I shall forgive you for what you have done, and I shall not mind”. [SAHIH AL-BUKHARI, HADITH NO: 40].

What does the Quran preach about forgiveness? 

In the Quran, it has been duly preached that forgiveness is indeed one of the best and also the noble deeds that any of the believers can be able to conduct in their life. Also, it is true that for any of the believer if any wrong deed is done for the first time, then Allah (SWT) does surely forgives the one when he truly repents. On the other hand, if the believer does conduct the same wrong deed over and over again, then he is surely to encounter the high rate of the punishment, but here again, Allah (SWT) does not do anything to him beyond the rate of his scope. It is a common belief that if you do get punished by the Lord even at times, then you shall be able to endure the pain that is being caused upon you, as Allah (SWT) does not punish anyone beyond their limit of endurance. 

Why does Allah not punish someone beyond their scope? 

When it comes to getting punished by the Creator of all, for all the wrong-doings, that has been committed by oneself, in the course of his life, it is true that Allah (SWT) does also bestow much of the compassion and love upon his believers through the mode of the judgments that HE undertakes. This means that although Allah(SWT) will question his own servants and take the final judgment, yet there will be the discernment of the compassion, love and also high rate of the generosity involved, that will allow the individual to pertain to the needs of the same, accordingly. This is the greatest gift of Allah (SWT) that can enable a person to blemish all the sins and seek mercy and reward from the Almighty Allah (SWT). It is also the prerogative of the Creator to perceive the tolerance level of the individual as to undertake and also endure the pain that is bestowed on his shoulder, to just make them pacified with what they have done and also possess the core realization of the same.

What to do when Allah (SWT) punishes you? 

At times, things can be a bit rough and also hard for anyone to bear with all the hurdles and also accept the tenure of the hardships. It has also been said that there are some of the hard times in life, when the Almighty Allah (SWT) does try to test you simply to gain your level of confidence and also to perceive your level of faith in him. Therefore, when the Lord does be too harsh to you and does not always grant all your demands, you must not give up entirely rather keep praying more whenever possible. Hence, it is the need of the hour to possess the core understanding of the same and also keep praying as it has been famously quoted by an anonymity that, “Prayers can do something that the world can’t do it off”. Although you might deal with some of the tragic sufferings of your life, yet at the same time it is your call of duty to consider the Lord as the ultimate savior and also your mentor for life, to be able to guide you in all the spheres of your life. 


It is said that there is the higher rate of the peace and the contentment that develops within an individual to possess the core belief towards the Almighty Allah (SWT). Therefore, it is the need of the hour to lay infinite faith on the Creator that even if he does punishes you for any of your wrong deeds, yet you need to keep praying to the same to be able to annihilate all the sins and also please the Almighty Allah (SWT). With this, you can also afford to develop the urge to possess the best Umrah deals from us, to pacify the Lord and also seek his blessings with the cheapest Umrah packages from Kolkata. Hurry up, call us right now. 

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