Witness the Existence of Allah with the Best Umrah Travel Agency

January 7, 2022

For all the Muslims across the globe, the entity of Allah (SWT) has always been supreme as it has been preached in the Holy Quran that the Almighty Allah (SWT) does pervade the entire Universe. This also leads to the manifestation of the core idea that anyone who does believe in him with all his heart, there is the chance of perceiving the infinite blessings of the Lord. Hence it can be said that if you do have the belief in Allah (SWT) then anything becomes possible for the individual to achieve. Read the entire blog to know more of the ways to perform umrah with the best tour and travel agency in Kolkata.

What does Islam say about the existence of Allah (SWT)?

According to the Sunnah, every religion does have their authentic experiences and also possesses the rational foundation of the entities that is intangibly associated with the same. Many of the Muslim scholars did argue about the core existence of the Almighty supreme, but it has always been a blatant fact that there is the strong vigilance of the benevolent Creator in the lives of all. This is due to the fact that each of the actions that are done is always rewarded as per the mode of the consequences linked with the same. According to the verses mentioned in the Quran, there is the existence of the derivative reality of multiple creations in the Universe that has originated from the real source being the Creator himself.

Thinking of Umrah? Adeeba Tour and Travels is always here for you

If you do think that you have the zeal of pursuing yourself to Mecca- the place where the throne of the Allah (SWT) resides, then you need to relax and connect with us right now. We do bring to you the best packages that shall enable you to fly right now the land. With all your loved ones, you can perform Umrah with the association of the cheap Umrah deals. Amid the various rush that dominated the globe with the arrival of the pandemic, it is true that there has been variant issues among many pilgrims to not be able to engage themselves deeply with the practice of the Umrah rituals. You do not get the direct access of the cheap Umrah packages with flights but also you are able to feel the connection with the supreme Creator as we guide you throughout from the initial start of the package till the end of the same.

What can we provide you in 2022?

If you have been dreaming to perform Umrah with full ease and enthusiasm, then this is the right time to get in touch with us to seek mercy and pleasure from the benevolent Allah (SWT), with the additional services that are as follows:
  • Cheap tours from Kolkata to Mecca within the most affordable deals that shall enable you to conduct the ritual of Umrah diligently.
  • Complete Umrah Package (14 days package-7 days in Mecca and 7 days in Medina) to reignite the spiritual love with the Creator.
  • Get discounted deals on the hotels and the flights (Kolkata-Jeddah-Kolkata) to make your stay at Mecca much more pleasurable and also comfortable, with the valid insurance.
  • Get detailed information from the Umrah package booking site, to pursue your dreams of flying to the place, where you shall find eternal peace and serenity, with the presence of the Almighty Allah (SWT) within your heart, forever.
  • Be safe with the assured safety protocols that we maintain, to ensure that your journey to Mecca is worth cherishing for a lifetime and more.
  • 3 times meals during the time of your stay.
  • 5 liters of Zam-Zam for each of the pilgrims.
  • Free Laundry services for your extra comfort during the stay.
  • Ziyarat (1 day in Mecca & 1 day in Medina)
  • 1 PCR test return from Saudi Arabia.
  • Welcome kit for every pilgrim.


Perform Umrah with us to get more connected with the supreme Creator of all. Reach out to us now to avail the best Umrah deals to fly to Mecca with all your loved ones. Please the Creator with all the ritualistic needs that shall also aid you in blemishing all the sins of your life, till date.

Assalamo Alaikum ,
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