Luxury Hajj tours: Why praying at Muzdalifah is so significant?

May 20, 2024

A life-changing pilgrimage for Muslims around the world is Hajj. This journey is taken to connect with Allah (SWT) and to understand the spirituality that lies within. Hajj requires the Hajji to perform several rituals and traveling and praying to Muzdalifah is one of them. Regardless of affordable or luxury Hajj tours, praying to Muzdalifah is mandatory, but why?

This blog will answer that question and will cover everything related to praying at Muzdalifah. 

Muzdalifah: A Sacred Stopover 

Muzdalifah, also known as Al-Mashar Al-Haram, is a sacred site for pilgrims. The pilgrims gather here after performing Wuquf (praying while standing) at the land of Arafat. Here the pilgrims spend a night offering prayers to the Almighty. It is written in Hadith that Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) prayed here during his pilgrimage as,

As reported by Jabir (RA):

The Prophet (?) came to al-Muzdalifah and offered at it both the Maghrib and 'Isha prayers with one Adhan and two Iqamah.

[Sunan Ibn Majah 3074]

After performing Maghrib (sunset prayer) and Isha (night prayer) the pilgrims start to collect stones for the next ritual Ramy al-Jamarat (stoning the devil). 

Key Practices: Obligations to Perform the Ritual

During the Hajj tour, at Muzdalifah, the night is spent with prayers and Duas towards Allah (SWT). Let’s discuss the key practices to perform while following the ritual. 

  • Combining Maghrib and Isha: By the obligations of the Sunnah, the pilgrims combine the Maghrib and Isha into one prayer. As per some scholars, the pilgrims perform these two prayers because of the tight schedule. However, it is believed that offering the combined prayer brings adaptability and flexibility to your Ibadat (worship).  
  • Gathering the Stones: After praying the pilgrims collect 50 to 70 stones of a specific size from the ground of Muzdalifah to perform the next ritual Ramy al-Jamarat at Mina. The pebbles or stones are thrown targeting the three pillars at Mina, representing the devil.  
  • Sleeping on the Ground: Though the pilgrims may have comfortable beds to sleep in, still at Muzdalifah they are required to sleep under the open sky. Again, due to the short time, they convert the Isha prayer from four Rakat to two Rakat. After praying pilgrims sleep on the ground under the open sky. It promotes our dependence on the provisions of the Almighty Alah (SWT).  
  • Fajr and Dua: After completing sleep, when dawn hits, the pilgrims perform Fajr (dawn prayer). Although Fajr in Muzdalifah requires some special steps. Those steps are: 
  • Climb the small mountain named Mashar al-Haram in Muzdalifah
  • Turn face towards the Qiblah
  • Recite Takbir, Tahlil, and Tawhid
  • Continue Dua till the sky is bright
  • Leave for Mina while reciting Talbiyah before sunrise.

After completing Fajr performing Wuquf even if it is for a short period, is considered Sunnah in Islam. Regardless of the status, or gravity of Hajj tour packages, the ritual of Muzdalifah brings every pilgrim under the same status, promoting immense unity and equality. 

Praying at Muzdalifah: Why It’s Significant?

The importance of praying at Muzdalifah is immense and has a significant value in Hajj. Let’s discuss why praying at Muzdalifah is significant. 

  • Following the Sunnah: Praying at Muzdalifah means following the Sunnah (the path of the Prophet Mohammad (?) and Prophet Ibrahim (AS). During his pilgrimage Prophet Mohammad (?) prayed at Muzdalifah, so following his rituals means following his path which strengthens the connection with the Prophets.
  • A Night of Rehmat (Mercy): From the day of Arafat (Judgement day) to praying at Muzdalifah pilgrims beg for Rehmat from Allah (SWT) for all of their lifelong sins. Pilgrims pray and seek mercy from the Almighty. It is believed this night is the special night where Allah (SWT) provides Barkat (blessings) directly upon the forgiveness seeker. 
  • Preparation For the Next: The Wuquf on the day of Arafat prepares the pilgrims for praying and spending a night under the open sky at Muzdalifah. Similarly praying at Muzdalifah prepares pilgrimages for the next step which is Ramy al-Jamarat. The rituals at Muzdalifah strengthen the pilgrims both mentally and physically for devil stoning.  

Luxury Hajj and Muzdalifah 

Your Hajj package price can affect your experience at Muzdalifah. Hard to believe right? It may sound unexpected, but it can be true. Let’s give a logical explanation. Praying at Muzdalifah is mandatory in Hajj, so you must perform that, however spending the whole night under the open sky is not. As per some learned scholars those who are performing Hajj with luxury packages should perform the whole ritual. However, those who are facing hardships in the pilgrimage may only spend the first half of the night and can leave after praying. 

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Praying at Muzdalifah is an integral part of Hajj, without which the pilgrimage is considered incomplete. This ritual reminds us of the sacrifice of Prophet Ibrahim (AS), promotes equality and unity regardless of status and creed, and prepares the pilgrims for the next mandatory rituals. So, praying at Muzdalifah is significant not only for Hajj but also for the rest of life. 

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