Mandate rules for vaccine in Saudi for Hajj & Umrah

August 4, 2021

As the time arrives for the exclusive Hajj and Umrah pilgrimages across the globe, it is of the utmost concern to get the best measures for possessing the security control to be able to be in Mecca, without any worries. This is due to the fact that for the religious ceremony of Umrah, there will be the amalgamation of millions of people and there is also the need to be safe and secure to promote the well being of an individual. It is for you as well as for your own family that there must be some of the safety precautions to be part of the religious ceremony of both Hajj and Umrah. 

Be sanitized to also avail the cheap Hajj and Umrah packages from Kolkata. Hence, it is mandatory to abide by the stringent rules of being vaccinated. Post lockdown it is the need of the hour to maintain the safety standards and prevent the spread of the disease of Covid 19, in the near future. This will also allow you to enjoy the time with your closed ones while worshipping Allah with sincere emotion and dedication. 

Even the Royal Embassy of Dubai has already imposed some of the restrictions for each of the traveler to have the safe journey from their homeland to Mecca. Adeeba Tour and Travels does bring to you some of the mandate rules, for maintaining the safety protocols, for every Muslim, who seems to be awaiting to be a part of the joyous rituals of Hajj and Umrah, through the cheap packages from Kolkata, 2021; 

  • Each of the Muslim travelers needs to possess the authorized certificate of the Covishield vaccine at the time of departure from their homeland. This is mandatory as it will be ensure that the concerned person has been fully vaccinated and is also safe to be;
  • Each Muslim traveler needs to be possess the two doses of the Covishield vaccine a month before the time of travelling;
  • The concerned traveler must not have any of the symptoms- cough; mild fever; soreness of throat; headache; diarrhea; tiredness; loss of taste and smell; shortness of breath; loss of speech or movement. 

If any of the concerned people is found to possess any of the symptoms, then he/she shall not be allowed to enter into the premises of Kaaba. 

  • Each of the Muslim travelers for Hajj and Umrah needs to be careful by abiding by all the safe measures prior to the travel date. He/ she should not travel elsewhere and also must be completely sanitized. 
  • Each of the Muslim travelers is insisted to use the face covers/mask and also follow the strict rules of hand hygiene, respiratory etiquette and maintain the social distancing norms very diligently. 
  • Upon arrival to Saudi Arabia, each of the travelers needs to undergo the health screening check up, both at the time of boarding the flight from the concerned homeland and also during departing from Saudi Arabia.
  • All of the passengers are also instructed to fill up the self declaration form to the concerned health officials. 
  • Regular mode of the sanitization needs to be done even after reaching Mecca by each of the family members. Also, there is the need to abide by the social distancing protocols at any point of time to remain safe and secure, while performing Hajj & Umrah.  

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Assalamo Alaikum ,
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