Namaz: Facts that you do need to know daily

November 10, 2021

For any Muslim, the conduct of the Ibadat on the daily routine has been the most valued aspect as it does also enable them to spread the word of happiness and also be at peace with the messenger of Allah the great (SWT). It is also to be noted that there is much of the peace and the blessings that you get to embrace once you possess the practice of offering namaz daily. Salah, also known as Namaz, is also known to be the second pillar of Islam, which can enable a believer to feel the presence of Allah (SWT) within their heart. It can also provide much of the benefits to anyone who wishes to blemish the sins of life and remain much pure from within. 

What does Salah mean?

One of the most important things that are done by every Muslim is the act of offering prayers to the Almighty Allah (SWT) - to simply attain the purity of heart and soul. It has been preached by the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) that. “Prayer is the ascension of a believer”. (Sahih Bukhari, Book 10)

One of the most importances of the Namaaz is that it does allow you to focus more on Allah and also it does create much of the harmony between the two. 

Major benefits that you do get from the daily Namaz

If anyone does wishes to inculcate the habit of performing Namaz, then there are some of the basic facts that you do need to know, for once and all, here is the list of the things that you do need to remember once you do engage yourself with the daily habit of Namaz; 

  • Promotion of the good health through Wudu:
  • the Wudu does also stimulate biological activeness and also heals the body from inside:
  • Wudu that is done for the Namaaz does also heal the nervous system and it does also ease tension, stress and anxiety:
  • Washing hands more than five times a day does also lead to the growth of the purity of the soul to make it more attachable to the messenger of Allah (SWT). 
  • Gargling during Wudu does also aid in removing germs completely. 
  • Face washing during the time of Wudu does also lead to the growth of the facial complexion. 
  • Through Namaz, you do also get to benefit as there is much of the meditation that can heal the brain power of an individual. 
  • Offering regular Namaz does also enable a believer to be fully fit and also develop the strong bond with the messenger of Allah (SWT). 
  • The position of the Sajdah is also beneficial as it does allow the growth of the proper blood flow during the same time, to the entire body. 
  • Through the practice of Ibadat during the time of Namaz can aid you in blemishing all the sins of your life. 
  • You can also be able enter into the domain of paradise as you read the verses of the Quran daily with much sincerity.
  • Through the reading of the Quran, you can also be able to perceive the Arabic meaning of the same and also initiate the true relationship with the Almighty Allah (SWT).
  • The verses of the Quran that is read during the time of Namaaz can surely make you connect deeply with the Almighty Allah (SWT) to resolve all your queries and issues that you do possess.
  • Through the habit of the Namaaz that you do develop, you do also get to cure your own self from being caught in the hands of the devil during the time of prayer.

It is to be noted that there is much of the detailed benefits when one does conduct Salat and this also leads to the growth of the harmony towards Allah the great for a lifetime and more, at the same time it also allows an individual to blemish all the sins of life. Through the performance of Ibadat, one is also able to maintain good thoughts within oneself and promote good health, in the right way.

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