Three Different Types of Hajj

November 5, 2020

Hajj is the most auspicious pilgrimage for any Muslim individual. Hajj can be performed in three different ways. It depends on the decision of the pilgrim what kind of Hajj he/she wants to perform. The differences depend on the procedures and timings of the Hajj. However, to perform any kind of Hajj, the first specification is always the invocation of the intent within your heart and soul that purifies your mind. Before one chooses the Hajj package, it is important to decide on the type of Hajj one wishes to perform. The three different types of Hajj are Hajj Ifrad, Hajj Qiran and Hajj Tamattu.

Here we shall talk about how one type differ from the other and their individual customs and importance:

Hajj Ifrad

Hajj Ifrad is when you intend to perform only Hajj. Pilgrims thus take up their ihram with the pure intention of Hajj. Pilgrims then perform Tawaf for their arrival. The ritual of Saee is then performed for Hajj. The intention for Hajj is made by chanting “Labbayka Hajjan” “O Allah! I answer Your call to perform Hajj.” The pilgrimage ends with the ritual of ‘stoning of the devil’. This event takes place at Jamarat Al Aquaba. One can perform Tawaf before or after the Hajj depending on their personal convenience.

Hajj Qiran

For Hajj Qiran the individual performs both Umrah as well as Hajj. You can wear the ihram for Umrah first and then after making intentions for Hajj complete the pilgrimage in the same ihram. In this type of Hajj, a pilgrim is required to perform Tawaf and Saee only once. Hajj Qiran demands the sacrifice of an animal at the end of the pilgrimage.

Hajj Tamattu

In case of Hajj Ifrad, pilgrims wear the ihram for Umrah but only during the months of Hajj. Therefore, in this case pilgrims perform the Tawaf and Saee with the intention of Umrah.  Hajj Tamattu is the most significant of all the types of Hajj. It can be performed only during a specific time and hence the Hajj and Umrah packages need to be booked from before hands. During this time of the year thousands of Muslim pilgrims travel to Mecca from all around the world to perform the most auspicious Hajj. All pilgrims need to either shave their hair or clip it while performing Hajj Tamattu. They put their ihrams on the eighth of Dhul-Hijjah, known as Tarwiyah.

No matter what type of Hajj you wish to perform, always remember that the purity of your heart is the most important thing. Clear your minds and find peace in the name of Allah in your divine journey of Hajj.

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