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June 29, 2024

Umrah: A journey to gain Barkat 

Umrah is a sacred journey to the Holy Land of Allah (SWT) conducted by millions of Muslims in their lifetime. While Hajj is limited to certain dates, Umrah can be performed throughout the year except for the month of Dhul-Hijjah. In this journey, pilgrims have the opportunity to make a deeper bond with Allah (SWT). The rituals of Umrah also let the believers repent of their past Gunah and reaffirm their Imaan in Allah (SWT). 

The significance of Umrah in Islam lies in its ability to cleanse sins and bring the pilgrim closer to Allah (SWT). It involves a series of rituals that includes Tawaf (encircling the Kaaba) and Sa’i (walking between the hills of Safa and Marwah). 

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Muslims from all over the world come to perform this pilgrimage in Mecca. So, to help these pilgrims there are some reputable agencies that specialize in organizing Umrah trips. They are known for their excellent services and packages that cater to the needs of pilgrims. Whether you are a first-time pilgrim or have performed Umrah before, these agencies offer a smooth and spiritually fulfilling journey. In Kolkata, Adeeba Tour and Travels is one of the reliable Umrah travel agencies that assists the Umrah pilgrims in performing their pilgrimage. From the time you decide to arrive in the Holy Land till the time you come back, this agency does everything to make your journey more memorable in the name of the Almighty Allah (SWT).

Discover the fascinating History of Umrah:

Umrah boasts a rich history that connects with the early days of Islam. It is believed that the pilgrimage rituals existed in Mecca long before Islam. Prophet Ibrahim (AS) is believed to have established the foundations of the Baitullah Kaaba, the central structure of this lesser pilgrimage.

With the development of Islam, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) emphasized the importance of Umrah, cleansing it from pre-Islamic practices and increasing its significance within the new faith. Throughout history, access to Mecca and the ability to perform Umrah fluctuated. Initially, the Quraysh tribe, who controlled Mecca, restricted access to Muslims. The historic Treaty of Hudaybiyyah in 628 CE allowed Muslims to perform Umrah for the first time, marking a pivotal moment. Following the conquest of Mecca a year later, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) ensured the safety and accessibility of Umrah for all Muslims.

When we talk about the core rituals of Umrah, include Tawaf (circling the Holy Kaaba), Sa'i (walking between Safa and Marwa hills), and performing Halq or Taqseer (shaving or trimming hair). Each of these rituals holds symbolic meaning, reminding pilgrims of the significance of Imaan, Qurbani, and the importance of seeking Allah's (SWT) mercy.

Performing Umrah is a deeply transformative experience. It's a chance for Muslims to reconnect with their Imaan on a deeper level, achieve spiritual renewal, and return home with a renewed sense of purpose and peace. Pilgrims when they arrive in this Holy Land, need to have a sense of devotion and also the immense faith in the Lord that can eventually make their Umrah journey accepted by the only Supreme Creator of the world.

Focus on your Ibadat with the best Umrah agency in Kolkata 

Umrah, while a deeply rewarding experience, requires thoughtful planning to ensure a smooth and fulfilling journey. In order to make your next Umrah the best one and also acceptable by the Lord, make sure to follow these rules now:

  • Staying close to the Haram: Masjid al-Haram is the holiest mosque in Mecca where pilgrims perform the rituals of Umrah. Being nearby saves time and lets you focus on your Duas.
  • Getting around easily: Look for travel options in your Umrah package to get you between your hotel and the holy sites. This will also ensure that you save time more and focus more on the journey and the sole purpose of the same.
  • Knowing what's included: Make sure you understand what your Umrah package covers, including the meals, help getting your visa, or tours. By doing this, you can be sure to increase your Imman in the Lord and also get the chance to wash away all your past sins that you might have.
  • Going with a good group: If you're going with others, pick a group that's a good size for you. A smaller group lets you move around easier, but a bigger group can offer more support. 
  • Being prepared: Learn about Umrah rituals beforehand so you feel confident and focused during your pilgrimage. One of the most vital things that you do need to remember is that Umrah is the journey that helps you to stay focussed and also wash away all your past Gunaah. Hence do remember to keep your mind calm and carry all your immense faith that you have for being closer to the Almighty Allah (SWT).

What do you need to recite before your Umrah journey? 

Before you come near the Baitullah Kaaba, you need to recite, “Labbayk Allahumma Umratan. Labbayka Allahumma labbayk, labbayka la sharika laka labbayk. Inna al-hamda wa'n-ni'mata laka wa'l-mulk, la sharika lak”

What benefits can you get from the best Umrah tour operator? 

When you go on your Umrah with a trusted and reliable partner like- Adeeba Tour and Travels, you get to experience so many positive things on your journey. What are these? Have a look at these –

  • Customized Package: The travel agencies basically offer a package system where that includes flight tickets, Visa processing, and meals. With these packages, your journey gets easier. 
  • Peace of Mind: When you perform your Umrah journey with a reliable agency, your travel logistics are expertly handled. This helps you to perform your journey of Umrah better with peace of mind.
  • Experience and Expertise: By choosing some of the most reliable agencies in Kolkata that make your journey more peaceful, you can be sure to attain peace from within. 
  • Personalized Attention: With an Umrah journey with a reliable Umrah agency, you'll receive personalized attention and support throughout the planning and execution of your Umrah trip
  • Immense focus on the Journey: As stated here, it is true that when one intends to perform Umrah, the main aim is to attain the forgiveness of Allah (SWT). By choosing the best Umrah agency in Kolkata you don’t need to worry more about anything as everything is being taken care of and you can be sure to gain the core blessings of the Lord. 

Experiences of Umrah by Our Loyal Customers 

Umrah is more than just a pilgrimage- it is indeed a journey that helps you to come closer to Allah (SWT), seek his mercy, and also remove all your past gunah (sins) in the best way possible.

Here, we share glimpses into the experiences of pilgrims who went on their Umrah with us- 

“It was incredibly emotional to witness the sense of solidarity among Muslims from all walks of life as we performed Umrah together,” says Sarah, a first-time Umrah traveler. "Your guidance made the rituals clear and manageable, allowing me to focus on the spiritual significance." She added. 

"The organization and support from the tour guide was exceptional," shares Khalid, an experienced Umrah pilgrim, adding that " Adeeba Tour and Travels made sure everything went as planned, which allowed me to concentrate entirely on the spiritual experience."

These are just a few examples of the life-changing impact Umrah can have. The sights, sounds, and emotions experienced during the pilgrimage create lasting memories and a deeper connection with the journey and with Allah (SWT).

Do you know what you need to say to someone before a great Umrah trip? 

Umrah is indeed one of the most sacred pilgrimages and before anyone performs, you need to wish someone “May Allah bless your Umrah journey and also accept all your Dua. Inshallah”. By saying so, you are also being kind and this could also bring you closer to the Almighty Allah (SWT). 

Other experiences in Umrah: 

Beyond the core rituals, pilgrims often encounter cultural experiences and historical visits that enrich their journey:

  • Visiting the holy sites in Mecca and Madinah: When the Umrah pilgrims visit Mecca, they utilize the opportunity to connect with the footsteps of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and experience the historical significance of these sacred cities of Mecca and Medina.
  • The vibrant culture of Mecca and Madinah: Immersing yourself in the local culture, traditions, and warm hospitality adds another level of satisfaction to the Umrah experience.

In an Umrah journey, the pilgrims should have these experiences and they should explore these cultural and historical aspects alongside the core rituals.

Safety protocols ensured by the best Umrah tour agency 

When you are far from your home travelling into a new land for Allah (SWT), you need to take care of your safety. Some safety measures to ensure a safe and healthy Umrah are – 

  • Medication: After the COVID world, make sure you have all the required vaccinations for Saudi Arabia. Pack any medications you regularly take and bring a doctor's note if needed.  The hot weather can be dehydrating, so be sure to bring plenty of bottled water and stay hydrated throughout your pilgrimage.
  • Navigating Crowds: Large crowds are a common part of Umrah. To navigate these safely, stay close to your group. Remember patience is essential.  With many pilgrims present, there will be crowds. Stay calm and move slowly to avoid getting separated from your group.
  • Pack light: Umrah is a devotional journey. Pack light to avoid bulky bags that have the chance to get lost in crowded areas. Keeping your belongings secure is important. Keep the valuables like money and important documents safe in a money belt or hidden pouch. Be especially vigilant in crowded areas like around the Holy Kaaba, as there's a higher chance of pickpockets.
  • Know the Emergencies: Familiarize yourself with fire exits in your accommodation and the holy sites. This way, you'll know where to go in case of an emergency. Also, if you are travelling with an older member of your family you do need to ensure that they are safer and also secure in times of trouble. 
  • Be respectful: Finally, remember to be respectful of the holy sites. Dress modestly and follow the rules in place. Keep an eye on who is around you and remain conscious of your surroundings. If something feels unsafe, trust your instincts and avoid the situation. Let your group leader know of any concerns you may have. By following these safety and security measures, you can focus on your spiritual journey and have a peaceful Umrah experience.

Choosing the best Umrah travel agency in Kolkata ensures more than just a travel package. They manage every step of your journey, from planning to completion, providing comprehensive care and support. Additionally, they cater to the needs of elderly pilgrims, ensuring their comfort and peace of mind throughout the pilgrimage.

What do you need to say before making Niyyah for Umrah?

Recite "Allahumma Innee Ureedul Umrata fa-Yassirhaa lee wa Taqabbal-haa Minnee" to increase your barkat during the Umrah pilgrimage. 

Come closer to the Holy Kaaba with Us

Umrah is more than just a pilgrimage; it's a transformative experience that leaves a lasting impact on the believers who perform this journey.

  • Renewing Imaan and Bond: The Umrah rites and experiences strengthen and renew your relationship with Allah (SWT) and your devotion. Think back on the things you've learned and how you can apply them to your everyday life.
  • Shukr and Humility: Returning from Umrah, cultivate a sense of Shukr for all the Barkat in your life and express a renewed sense of humility before Allah (SWT).
  • Sharing Your Experience: Connect with fellow pilgrims and share your experiences. This makes people feel more connected to one another and lets one benefit from other's experiences.

If you have been lucky enough to have come closer to the Baitullah Kaaba, then make sure to reach out to us now and also share some of the enchanting stories that you have. 


As discussed earlier here in this blog, Umrah is one pilgrimage of Islam that gives Muslims the opportunity to experience spiritual renewal, introspection, and a closer relationship with Allah (SWT). By planning your Umrah carefully you can go on this lesser pilgrimage with peace of mind. The journey leaves a soul with full of gratitude and provides you with the chance to wash away all your past sins with the blessings of the Almighty Allah (SWT). So, experience the holy Umrah and make your journey better.

Thank you for giving your precious time to this blog. If you wish to know more about the other practices of Islam, make sure to visit our blog space for more. 

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