Why the Demand for Cheap Umrah Packages 2024 is Rising?

December 29, 2023

Isn’t it satisfying when a soul comes close to the Supreme Power that created it? Umrah is such a journey that takes a nafz to the holy places of Allah (SWT). Millions of Muslims every year, travel to the holiest Cities of Mecca and Medina, to conduct the best Umrah Tour of their life. The growing demand for Cheap Umrah Packages in 2024 reflects the growing desire among Muslims to fulfill their religious obligations. This blog explores the factors that helped this surge and the significance of Umrah in Islam.


Growing Interest in Low-Cost Umrah Packages


To fulfill all the Tamannah of your heart, Allah (SWT) is there. You just have to keep Sabr and Iman. To strengthen the bond with the Almighty, believers go for Umrah, and in the Islamic world, the surge in demand for a budget-friendly Umrah package in 2024 is extremely noteworthy. We need to figure out what are the reasons behind this rising demand? The following are the religious and practical motivations that drive Muslims to seek more accessible ways to perform Umrah.


Saudi Relaxed Travel Restrictions 


In order to minimize the distance between the pilgrims and the Supreme, Saudi Arabia has improved the pilgrimage experience overall by revising its visa requirements and increasing dedicated flights making the work of the Umrah tour operators easier. This is a significant development for Indian Muslims as they prepare to go for the holy pilgrimage of "Umrah" to Mecca. In a special interview with an Indian media, Saudi Arabia's Minister of Hajj and Umrah, Tawfig Bin Fawzan Al-Rabiah, provided the insights. The benefits include-


· More Special Flights: Saudi Arabia is making it easier for people from India to go on the "Umrah" pilgrimage. They've added more special flights from different Indian cities to Jeddah and Madinah, which is helpful for the increasing number of pilgrims.

· New Agreements: The Saudi government has even made agreements to have more of these special flights, so Indian pilgrims can travel more smoothly. This means that the country is taking extra steps to welcome and assist those who want to make the pilgrimage, making the journey more accessible and convenient for people from India.

· Increased Seat Capacity: In keeping with the rising demand for Umrah pilgrimages, Saudi Airlines has also effectively increased its seat capacity. These actions look ahead to boost and simplify the travel experience for Indian passengers, highlighting an organized attempt to guarantee an effortless and quick trip for every Indian who is participating in the Umrah.

Even with the online Umrah packages, the journey has been more stress-free. Pilgrims now don’t need to sit for hours and fill out the paper form. They can easily browse their trusted Umrah Operator’s site and fill in their details just like Adeeba Tour and Travels. We not only provide Umrah packages from Kolkata, but our website is also easy to access and browse. You can check it here just by visiting our website.


Various Visas for Indian Pilgrims


Recent changes in Umrah visa rules for Indian Muslims represent a big shift, making the process more user-friendly. Now, there are no restrictions based on previous visa status, and an easy e-visa system has been introduced. This simplification has led to faster approvals, creating a more inclusive and secure environment.

· Extending the Umrah Visa: Now with the changes, one can extend the Umrah visa to 90 days. Also, a pilgrim can get an entry visa within 48 hours.

· Utilizing different Visas: Indians can now use their work, tourist, or Umrah visas, along with a UK, US, or Schengen visa or residency, to perform Umrah in Saudi Arabia. Additionally, a stopover visa is available for those eager to undertake Umrah.


These adjustments aim to give Indian pilgrims more flexibility, especially benefiting women going on independent Umrah trips. Overall, the revisions aim to make the Umrah journey smoother and more accessible for Indian Pilgrims.


Cheap Umrah Packages Offering: Facts to know

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As you’ll be choosing our Umrah Packages, let us share a brief insight about our packages. Our packages include –

· Both-way Flight Tickets for the pilgrims

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· Hotels near the Haram in both Mecca and Medina

· 3 times Indian Buffet Meal

· One Day Ziarat in Makkah & Madina each

· Free transport between the holy cities

· A Welcome Kit for each pilgrim

· Zam Zam Water, if available

· A free laundry service to all the pilgrims

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Our website is designed with utmost respect for Islamic values to preserve the unique significance of the trip. As you start your journey to Allah (SWT), consider each click as a step closer to the sacred sites.



As the year 2024 is almost here, the increasing popularity of Umrah packages highlights the deep connection between faith and affordability. This trend reflects the evolving demand for Muslim pilgrimage, emphasizing the importance of the Umrah journey. Understanding these factors provides a sense of satisfaction to all the pilgrims who were eagerly waiting to meet Allah (SWT).

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