Performing Umrah from Birbhum? Make it Worthy with Us

February 23, 2024

Are you someone from the beautiful district of Birbhum, dreaming of performing Umrah? This time your Umrah dreams can now become a reality! Go with us on the blog as we guide you with tips and tricks for this sacred journey, making it not just possible but truly worthy. We hope this blog will make your Umrah from Birbhum the best one. Inshallah! 

Pillars of Umrah: Check out these pointers 

Umrah is a Sunnah that holds great significance in Islam. When you’ll be going to perform the Sunnah you must know what it consists of and what are the pillars of Umrah:

?Ihram: This is the state of purity and sanctity that every pilgrim should enter before performing Umrah. It involves wearing specific white clothing and following certain regulations.

?Tawaf: Pilgrims perform seven circuits around the Kaaba, considered the House of the Almighty Allah (SWT) in Islam, located in the Masjid al-Haram in Mecca.

?Sa'i: After Tawaf, pilgrims perform Sa'i, which involves walking continuously seven times between the hills of Safa and Marwah, commemorating Hagar's(R.A) search for water for her son, Isma'il (A.S).

?Taqsir: It is the final step in Umrah. In this step, pilgrims either shave the head (Halq) or trim the hair (Taqsir), which symbolizes that they have completed the pilgrimage.

These are the four pillars or steps that pilgrims should perform when they go for Umrah from Kamrup or any other place.

Traveling for Umrah from India

Performing the Sacred Sunnah of Umrah from India is a significant spiritual journey for the Muslims who stay here. It involves traveling a long way to Mecca, the holiest city in Islam. During Umrah, pilgrims connect with other believers coming from other parts of the World and engage in sacred rituals. Even though it's a far journey from India, the faith and devotion within the believers is very powerful, which takes them to the House of Allah (SWT) and adds depth to the experience.

It's not just about reaching Mecca; it's about the spiritual connection, the sense of belonging to a larger community of faith, and the personal growth that comes from participating in such a special pilgrimage. Despite the challenges of distance and travel, the opportunity to perform the pilgrimage brings immense joy and fulfillment to those who undertake Umrah from India. It's a journey that goes beyond physical distance and touches the Nafz of every pilgrim, rebuilding their Iman and strengthening their connection with their religion and fellow believers.

Acts That Are Not Acceptable During Umrah 

During Umrah, certain things are not allowed because they can spoil the purity of your soul and mostly of the pilgrimage. Read the following to stay aware of your pilgrimage.

?Avoiding arguments or fights with other pilgrims. It's essential to maintain peace and harmony during this sacred journey.

?Another thing to avoid is engaging in gossip or speaking ill of others. Umrah is a time for spiritual reflection, so it's important to keep conversations positive and respectful.

?It's not acceptable to engage in any form of dishonesty. Pilgrims should be strong enough to uphold honesty and integrity in all their actions during Umrah.

?Consuming intoxicants such as alcohol during Hajj Umrah tours is also forbidden during Umrah. These substances cloud the mind and inhibit one's ability to fully engage in the spiritual experience of the pilgrimage.

?Engaging in physical relations is also not allowed during Umrah. Pilgrims should focus on their acts of Ibadat and spiritual connection with Allah rather than pursuing worldly desires.

?littering or polluting the holy sites is unacceptable. Pilgrims should be aware of their surroundings and dispose of the waste properly to maintain the cleanliness and sanctity of the sacred spaces.

By abiding by these guidelines and avoiding these unacceptable acts, pilgrims can ensure that their Umrah experience is pure, meaningful, and spiritually rewarding.

Why Umrah with Adeeba Tour and Travels is Worthy? 

At Adeeba Tour and Travels, we understand the importance of pilgrimage as we have been offering Hajj Umrah travels to pilgrims for a long time. Being a partner in the journey of every pilgrim we try to make it as meaningful and hassle-free as possible. Here's why choosing us for your Umrah experience is worth it:

?A Team with Knowledge: Our team consists of experienced professionals who provide guidance and assistance at every step of your Umrah journey, making your journey a smooth and fulfilling one.

?Packages for All Levels: We offer customized Umrah packages that meet your specific needs and preferences, including accommodation, and transportation to the holy sites. Our packages are available for every type of pilgrim.

?Service Beyond Satisfaction: From the moment you book the packages of your journey to the time you return home, we take care of your comfort and satisfaction, providing exceptional service and support all the way.

?Spirituality Touches Heights: Our aim is not just to make your physical journey better but also to enhance your spiritual experience, helping you connect deeply with your Iman and Allah (SWT).

If you are looking for Umrah Packages or Hajj Package 2024, call our helpline number and let Adeeba Tour and Travels be your trusted companion on your sacred pilgrimage. Together, let's make your journey to the holy Land truly worthy.


As you have come to the end of the blog, now you have an idea of how Umrah can be fulfilled with proper guidance. From wherever you go to perform the pilgrimage, the core of the Sunnah stays the same. The feeling and Niyyat must be pure. Only then you can be successful in completing the journey.

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